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What happened to Noah?

That was addressed on The Affair Season 3 Episode 9 when it became clear that in order for him to move on with his life he would need to find a way to come to terms with what happened to him. 

Meanwhile on this hit Showtime drama series, Helen escaped to Montauk after an awkward situation, but there was a lot of drama for her. 

Use the video above to watch The Affair online to get caught up with the latest developments for the characters as they try to process recent events. 

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The Affair Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

You explained to him about your moods, right? The Helen of today is not the Helen of tomorrow.


Margaret: We admit it. We failed you as parents.
Bruce: Your mother and I, uh, we've been seeing a therapist.
Margaret: He has made us see everything so much more clearly, and now we realize how utterly responsible we are for how disastrously your life has turned out.
Bruce: We want you know that we're here for you now, for whatever you need: vacations, clothing, counseling.
Margaret: You're a good person, Helen, despite your upbringing, and none of it, none of it, is your fault.