Bull Season 1 Episode 13 Review: The Fall

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Are some people predisposed not to lose or do they just refuse to give up until they win? 

Two people who seemed to fall under that category on Bull Season 1 Episode 13 were Jace, the champion eSports professional gamer, and Dr. Jason Bull himself. 

Bull Goes Golfing Season 1 Episode 13

It appears the mighty are falling.


When Jason uttered that Bull quote, I couldn’t help but reflect on how that was probably what most of us were thinking Sunday night around halftime. 

But this episode was written and filmed long before our recent Superbowl, so they couldn’t have known that the mighty, who appeared to be falling, would pick themselves up and rally so successfully.

That’s certainly what Jace did. 

Disease can't make you a loser, only you can do that.


I felt for the poor guy. At first he looked like an arrogant gamer, but it was really more about confidence in his abilities that he’d been honing since he was 4-years-old. 

And that confidence was waning quickly.

When they first showed Jace’s hand twitch, I knew that had to be going somewhere, but I never suspected Parkinson’s disease. 

I was a little surprised that Vin hired him back, but as Bull pointed out, once the jury heard about Jace's diagnosis, Vin would have been hit with millions of dollars in punitive damages and made to look like the greedy, bastard he was. 

Incapable of Losing - Bull

In hiring Jace back and treating him and the other teammates fairly, he can look like a hero in the industry, and Jace can probably still make him millions of dollars over the span of his contract. 

One of the things that surprised me about this case was the blind voir dire, where both attorneys were asked to make their list of jurors they’d like to strike and they would be given to the judge in private in order to save time.

It certainly added a new dimension to the trial and it was fun to watch Jace become involved in the game play.

But why was the judge so intent on saving time? Did he have somewhere else he needed to be? Shouldn’t every trial play by the same rules?

Elsewhere, Abigail and Bull were playing their own game…

You're cute, but I don't date employees.


Abigail was smart, knew how to wear a purple power suit, and definitely enjoyed the flirtation game she was playing with Bull, but I found it difficult to read whether Jason was really interested in her or if he just enjoyed the challenge. 

It’s a trait that can be intriguing or annoying, depending on the circumstances, and in this installment, I found trying to decipher Bull’s level of interest frustrating. 

In the end, it felt as though he enjoyed the challenge of the game more than he wanted an actual relationship, and that's a shame.

Not that I necessarily wanted to see Bull end up in a long term relationship with Abigial, but I do wish we'd see something of Jason's Bull's personal life outside of the TAC.

Right now for Bull, it's all about the win. 

A few other things worth mentioning…

  • Cable and Wes. Should she give her gaming addicted ex another chance? How long did it take him to realize she had left? Will we see him past this episode? Your guess is as good as mine. 
  • The IKEA effect. Do people really like furniture more if they put it together themselves. The experience only makes me frustrated and worried that it might fall apart at any moment. 
Danny, Bull, and Chunk Season 1 Episode 13
  • Chuck’s multi-colored suit. The colors just don't show up in the picture above but it was definitely a statement. Unfortunatetly, it was one that could induce seizures if you starred at it too long. 

So are you a gamer? Do you have a real rabbit’s foot? And will you be checking in next week for Bull Season 1 Episode 14?

If you want more, you can watch Bull online any time here at TV Fanatic.

The Fall Review

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Bull Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

You're cute, but I don't date employees.


It appears the mighty are falling.