Code Black Season 2 Episode 15 Review: The Devil's Workshop

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And here we all thought Seattle Grace Mercy Death Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital was a dangerous place to work.

The team at Angel's lost a doctor on Code Black Season 2 Episode 15. Heather Pinkney is the third MD to die on the job, in addition to the many doctors who have abruptly left (or mysteriously vanished). 

Heather managed to redeem herself from her initial mercenary behavior, both as a doctor and as a human being. But what was the point of her becoming a better person if she was just going to die?

Doctors Under Quarantine - Code Black

It really is a shame that Heather had to leave right as she was starting to not be so loathsome annoying. She has some interesting background, both on her own and with other characters, and was one of few natural entrees to the OR the show has.

If the show continues, they'll definitely need to find a new surgical resident. Or two. 

My bigger concern with her death has to do with the writing teams willingness to throw away all the time we've spent investing in her. If this was the first time this had happened, it would be one thing. But it's becoming a trend. And the bench isn't that deep. 

Leanne: PPEs on at all times. And don't forget to smile. We need everyone calm. That means being calm ourselves.
Angus: Or at least act like it, right?
Leanne: That'll work too.

My worry is that the constant turnover is a poor indicator for renewal chances. If it doesn't inspire confidence in the audience, how must the network feel?

It also relates to the confusion the show seems to have over the direction to take: episodic patient narratives, or serialized intimate portraits of the doctors? 

I'm a fan of that balance favoring the latter. The reactions to Code Black Season 2 Episode 13 or Code Black Season 2 Episode 10 make me think most viewers would agree with me. Jesse getting fired and what we learned about Rollie's past got passionate responses from fans.

Other than killing off Heather and the apprehension that causes me, I thought "The Devil's Workshop" was a solid first part of a finale.

There wasn't enough Jesse, but I'll wait for part two before passing judgment on that. Honestly, I was a little relieved that he was in absentia once they starting diagnosing other staff members.

Code Black wouldn't survive losing Jesse.

The outbreak gave all the characters a chance to shine, showing how they've advanced under Leanne's tutelage. I would have liked to have seen more of Malaya, but that's pretty much been my refrain all season. 

Ethan: She has a fever of 104. Definitely an infection. Dr. Dixon?
Elliot: Uh, meningitis or encephalitis? We need to do a spinal tap to be sure.
Leanne: It could be rabies.
Ethan: Rabies? I like it when you go off the reservation.

Other Thoughts

  • Why were three docs sent to that bodega instead of one EMT team? I that Ethan loves to go on ride alongs, and that it's part of the ER training regimen, but that seemed excessive. 
  • Angus was right that Yolanda needed a doctor, but his lecturing of Alicia rubbed me the wrong way. There are lots of reasons people avoid doctors, and yelling at patients doesn't really encourage them to come see you.
  • It was kind of cute how Leanne was excited about the prospect of a rabies case. I love it when people geek out!
  • With Heather's infection and everything else going on, did we really need the transplant dad? At least the basketball player stirred up some tension between Noa and Mario.
  • Speaking of: I'm still not on board with Noa and Mario.

Elliot: What are you saying to her?
Angus: None of your beeswax.
Elliot [to Ethan]: He's got zero game. All right? I'm his Cyrano.

The season finale will wrap up on Code Black Season 2 Episode 16 ("Fallen Angels"). Here's hoping that we've seen the last of the Grim Reaper for the season.

The official release has Leanne making "a life changing decision," so I'm feeling okay about Ariel's chances. She's either adopting the teen, or quitting the ER to run away and become an actual cowboy. My money's on the first option.

Jesse will be bringing in the new residents, so hopefully there's more than one incoming second year resident to show the ropes. Really, it would be to cruel to kill off Sugar Bear.

Elliot [about the shaman]: What's he saying?
Ethan: God, good. Devil, bad?

Trying to remember who died or left when? Remember, you can watch Code Black online – it'll only take you a little over a day to watch all the episodes!

Making some popcorn and settling in for a binge sounds like a great way to spend a winter weekend.

Heather Pinkney: RIP or Good Riddance? Did Campbell feel too little, too late? What is up with the CDC docs?

We want to hear your answers! So let us know what you thought of "The Devil's Workshop" in the comments section below.

The Devil's Workshop Review

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Code Black Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Elliot: What are you saying to her?
Angus: None of your beeswax.
Elliot [to Ethan]: He's got zero game. All right? I'm his Cyrano.

Noa: This is Russell --
Mario: Gibson. Point Guard. Waverly University. You're going first round in the draft.
Russell: Oh, I like this guy already. But not just first round. Top ten.
Noa: Can you two bro out later?