Grey's Anatomy: Who's Leaving Now??

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Another character is about to take their leave from Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

How they'll go is pure speculation at this point, but having been cast in another series, it's definitely time to hit the ground enough that they won't be a series regular for Grey's Anatomy Season 14.

So who is it?

Greys Hinton Leaving

It's time to say goodbye to Stephanie Edwards.

That's right, Jerrika Hinton has landed a starring role on the upcoming HBO series from Alan Ball (Six Feet Under) also starring Holly Hunter.

Hinton will play Ashley, one of the three adopted children of Hunter's lawyer and her philosophy professor husband.

The family adopted Ashley, an American-born SomalianĀ refugee, when her mother died and her father was deported.

The character, a powerhouse in the online fashion industry, will be struggling with her cultural identity.

The multi-generational and multi-racial family drama will be a perfect fit for Hinton, allowing her to spread her wings far wider than she's been able as Edward on Grey's of late.

J Hinton

Just around this time last year, Hinton had also scored a new role on a potential series.

Then it was on another Shondaland series, a comedy called Toast, that was to focus on everyone's stories as the toasted a happy couple prior to their wedding.

That network comedy never went to series, however, and Hinton wisely stayed with her role on Grey's Anatomy.

The Alan Ball project, though untitled, has already been ordered to series.

Hinton doesn't need to worry this one will fall through.

Although Stephanie is a well-liked character on Grey's and many will be sorry to see her go, fans are also wishing Hinton well since her character has been on the back burner recently.

It's unclear if her character will return for guest appearances or if she'll be written off completely.

Greys Trio

That's if Grey's Anatomy Season 14 is even made official. It may seem crazy to you and me, but the successful juggernaut of ABC's Thursday night lineup hasn't received an official early pickup.

Of course, I'm pretty certain the only thing that will send Grey's off the air is the sudden departure of star, Ellen Pompeo, and she seems pretty firm in her seat as lead Meredith Grey.

What are your thoughts on Hinton's departure? How would you like to see Stephanie written off?

Hit the comments with your thoughts.

Make sure you're here Thursday for Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 11 and watch Grey's Anatomy online if you want to relive Stephanie's arrival at Grey Sloan.

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