How to Get Away with Murder Round Table: Who Did Wes Call?

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Wes may have been hiding a lot more than we first thought.

That was revealed on How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 12

Below, TV Fanatics Lee Jutton, Mandy Treccia and Paul Dailly discuss Ophelia's return, Wes on the phone and Oliver having the file...

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What did you think of Ophelia's return?

Lee: I am never going to complain about Cicely Tyson showing up to give us all a master class in being amazing. The storyline involving her dementia really struck a chord with me as my grandmother recently passed after suffering from dementia for years.

Watching someone you love deteriorate in that way, and being forced to decide what is worth telling them and what you're better off leaving out, is tough. So I could totally sympathize with Annalise when she told Ophelia the charges had been dropped. 

Mandy: I agree with Lee. I'm always happy to see Cicely Tyson on my screen. I'm also happy her presence finally woke Annalise up. I know she's sad about Wes and every other bad thing. But she's not guilty of the crime. Seeing her mother gave her a reason to fight.

Paul: It was great! I was wondering when she would appear considering her daughter was in jail. It was sad watching her think she caused the fire at Annalise's home. 

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What will Oliver and Connor find on the phone clone file?

Lee: I'm willing to bet not much at all, considering that other people are looking increasingly suspect. I'd rather see what's on Nate's phone from that night. 

Mandy: You never know with this show. Maybe Annalise just wanted to be sure all of her bases were covered. But considering it was the first scene they showed us in the flash forwards, I hope they justify that prominence by making it interesting. 

Paul: They could find some things to show that she knew more about Wes than they first thought. 

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Who Wes calling?

Lee: I bet it was Nate -- after all, he didn't look very surprised to run into Nate at Annalise's house the night he died. The question is: why did he call Nate and arrange to meet him there?

I assume it involved snooping around for other evidence to potentially incriminate Annalise for something. Hence why I'd love to see what Nate's phone records look like!

Mandy: He referred to himself as "Kristoff", so it had to be someone who knew his mother. Or he started using it as an alias. Maybe someone connected to his father's family. 

Paul: I think it's someone from the past. Nate would be way too easy to point my finger at. 

Who Is That? - How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 12

React to Laurel's meeting with Frank. 

Lee: Girl needs to stay as far away from that guy as possible. The End. 

Mandy: I don't want to sound like I'm advocating for them. But it seems fitting, in a twisted way, that she knew he wouldn't have killed Wes because it would hurt her. That said, I still think Frank should rot in jail.

Paul: It was odd. Laurel was wondering if he really could have been the one to murder her man, but she got the truth. 

Not Amused - How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 12

Do you think Atwood forged the file?

Lee: Not sure. She seems to thrive on being the morally outraged and above-the-board foil to Annalise's deviousness and rule-breaking. Would she sink to Annalise's level just to bring her down? Does defeating Annalise mean that much to her? 

Mandy: Maybe. I wish the show would tell us why she's so obsessed with bringing Annalise down. It has to go deeper than just a normal prosecutor wanting justice. Her vendetta is way too personal. 

Paul: She could have. There's something not right about the way she acts. She seems like she wants Annalise to go down for just about anything. Everyone is else is just collateral. 

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