Riverdale Round Table: Is Archie Making The Right Move?

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Jughead discovered Archie's secret affair with Ms. Grundy, Veronica tried to make amends to Betty, and Cheryl cracked under the pressure of her grief at the Riverdale High pep rally on Riverdale Season 1 Episode 2.

Below, TV Fanatics Mandy Treccia, Paul Dailly, and Justin Carreiro debate what Archie should do next with his information about July 4th, Reggie and his attitude, and the music of Josie and the Pussycats.

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We got to see more of Jughead this episode. What did you think of the character?

Mandy: I like him a lot. I'm partial to the smart, observant characters. I like that he called Archie out on his affair. And I really enjoy his voiceovers mixing with his novel.

Paul: He's considerably more interesting than some of the others. I agree with Mandy about the observant part. It's crazy how much the observant characters can figure out without really interacting with anyone else. I hope he continues to be intriguing and does not just become the token character who is not concerned about a relationship.

Justin: Jughead is so sarcastic and funny. He's the type of character who sees the world for what it is and calls people out when they're doing something that is wrong. He isn't drowning or clouded by his own drama like some of the others. I really like him.

Big Man on Campus - Riverdale Season 1 Episode 2

Should we listen to Reggie and also consider Jughead a suspect? (Or was he just being a jerk?)

Mandy: I think he's just a jerk. The kind of bully who likes to mock people he doesn't see as his equal. Being a loner does not automatically make someone a murder suspect.

Paul: Reggie was a complete idiot. There's not a chance in hell that Jughead could be the killer. Out of the pair, Reggie is definitely the most likely to be part of the murder.

Justin: While I find Reggie's entire reasoning to be stupid, I can't eliminate Jughead because of it. Jughead seems like the most trustworthy character, and I want to believe him. However, I would be shocked if it turned out to be a twist that Jughead was writing his own confession novel. It's my #conspiracytheory.

Which friendship do you love more: Archie & Jughead or Betty & Veronica?

Mandy: Betty and Veronica. I hope the writers follow through on the promise the girls made to each other. It would be really refreshing not to see the typical "high school girls being catty with each other over boys" stereotype.

Paul: I agree with Mandy. The dynamics in their friendship are just great. Keep them friends and not the kind who break girl code.

Justin: I guess we're all unanimous on this one. Team Betty & Veronica! Like I said in the review for Riverdale Season 1 Episode 2, their friendship is the one I think works well the best together.

The Whole Town Turned Up! - Riverdale Season 1 Episode 2

What song(s) would you like to hear Josie and the Pussycats perform?

Mandy: "Betty" by Chris Cummings.

Paul: Um, what about "The Funeral" by Band of Horses?

Justin: Is it weird that I'd love to hear them play a song from the Josie and the Pussycats movie? It was a good film. "Three Small Words" and "Pretend To Be Nice" could be fun choices.

Archie Looks Serious - Riverdale Season 1 Episode 2

Is Archie making the right move by telling the truth about July 4th?

Mandy: Yes. Ms. Grundy remains shady. She was obviously manipulating him to keep quiet. All the more reason he should say something. Protecting her is not more important than finding Jason's killer.

Paul: 100 percent. There's something not right about Ms. Grundy. She has a dark past that she's hiding and the relationship really needs to be out there in the open.

Justin: Absolutely! I couldn't believe how manipulative Ms. Grundy was when she tried to convince Archie not to say something. She's only protecting herself! By him revealing the gunshot, it'll help catch the killer and hopefully solve the murder.

Jason was alive a week later than originally expected. React!

Mandy: Awesome twist. It complicates the mystery even more. Cheryl said he was supposed to come back.

What were they planning? Where was he for a week? Who killed him? I love all the possibilities with this story.

Paul: Again, I agree with Mandy. That twist made me even more intrigued by the mystery. This means he was probably planning something with Cheryl and someone kidnapped and hurled his body back into the river to make it look like he died when Cheryl said he did.

Justin: I loved it! Before we were only focused on who shot Jason, but now there's an entire week of this mystery of his life that led to his death. I can't wait to see how the group pieces together the last week of Jason Blossom.

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