Scandal Round Table: Cyrus Is Back!

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Will Olivia help Cyrus?

That was a key question on Scandal Season 6 Episode 4 when Cyrus continued to find a way to save himself. 

TV Fanatics Jasmine Blu, Sarah Hearon and Jim Garner, discuss Cyrus manipulating Gerald, the dream sequence and what will become of Tom. 

Scandal Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of Cyrus manipulating Gerald?

Jasmine: There's the Cyrus I love. It was fun to watch. Look, Cyrus is awful okay? But he's so deliciously bad that I tend to root for the guy.

Gerald was not prepared for someone as cunning as Cyrus. Although, Gerald was clearly not cut out for corrections. Sheesh. You got Beened, Gerald. R.I.P.

Sarah: I totally agree with Jasmine. It was horrifying, but also fun to watch. Plus it was great to see Billy Riggins back on TV.

Jim: I agree with Jasmine as well, Cyrus has manipulated much stronger men than Gerald. Gerald never stood a chance.  

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What are your thoughts on that dream sequence?

Jasmine: Cy is so far gone. He went from the man who thought he could only pull the strings of the president, to the guy who now sees that being POTUS was within his reach.

He wants it more than ever now. That thought should be terrifying because he's willing to do anything to get what he feels he deserves. Also, he has a genuine fondness for Michael, despite the way in which they got to this point. 

Sarah: I'll admit that I fell for the dream sequence and thought it was real for like 30 seconds. And I think it did a good job making you feel for Cy after everything that happened. 

Jim: Sadly, I guessed pretty quickly it was a dream sequence. I will say they did a great job of tying it to the events before the commercial so that it felt seamless.

Part of me hoped it was real, but it wrapped everything up way too quickly for Scandal, so that was the first tell it was a dream.  

What will happen now that Tom has admitted he was not the killer?

Jasmine: I have no idea. It gave Cyrus enough fuel to truly set out to clear his name. I feel like it's one of those things that almost everyone on the outside will try to bury.

Almost like when Fitz refused to admit that Olivia's mother didn't kill his son. It'll lead to a lot of conflict and tension amongst everyone.

Sarah: I'm also not sure what will happen, but I feel like Cyrus might be in jail for the remainder of the season. It's karma for everything he has done in the past. I also assume that Olivia will be the one who figures out what happened. 

Jim: Like Sarah and Jasmine, I have no clue where it goes from here. As there is still evidence that is harmful to Cyrus (the video and voice mail) so the investigation will be on-going, I'm sure.

But I doubt they will have an answer before the Electoral College meets, so its anyone's guess now.  

Will Olivia change gears and help Cyrus?

Jasmine: I don't know. It's not in Olivia's best interest to help Cyrus, and she's been all about doing whatever is in her best interest, first and foremost. So there's a strong possibility that she won't. Huck and Quinn may be of use, though. 

Sarah: I think so. She can't help but be involved, and she will be interested in keeping Cyrus away, so Mellie has a chance to be President. If she knows what really happened, she can keep it quiet. 

Jim: Who knows what Olivia will do. Honestly, I'm less and less impressed with her as the season move along. She's turning into her father if you look at it. She's about keeping the person she wants in power, she controls those around her.

Hell if B-613 weren't shut down, I would expect she could be the next command. So, if it helps her to help Cyrus, then she will do it.  

Discuss Abby making decisions without consulting Fitz. 

Jasmine: I have had a love/hate relationship with White House Abby. Too often she comes off like she's trying too hard to be Olivia. She also acts of "voice of reason" and sometimes the two just clash.

Abby making decisions without consulting Fitz was something Olivia could get away with, but Abby flat out can't. She called to the carpet for that one. 

Sarah: I also have a love/hate relationship with White House Abby. I love watching her be a badass boss, but she can go a little too far sometimes. I think it's clear that she's power hungry and it will only get worse from here.

Jim: I'm for one glad she got called on the carpet -- literally, for the way she spoke to David and the FBI Director. She should have talked to Fitz before trying that kind of stunt.

The fact she was surprised that it bit her in the ass was the most shocking to me. How did she think it was going to go when Fitz found out?  

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Over to you, Scandal fanatics. What did you think of the developments?

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Scandal returns March 9 on ABC.  

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Huck: Who killed Jenny?
Charlie: Jenny? Who the hell's Jenny?

Liz: Abby says to tell you not to worry about the death penalty.
Cyrus: Great, well I'll just settle in for a lifetime of solitary confinement.
Liz: Sounds like a plan.