Scandal Round Table: Shifting Alliances

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Will Cyrus take Olivia down?

That's one of the key questions on our minds after Scandal Season 6 Episode 2

TV Fanatics Christine Hinton, Jasmine Blu and Sarah Hearon discuss Olivia's meddling, Mellie calling out Cyrus and what Cyrus will do next. 

Scandal Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of Olivia's involvement in Mellie's relationship?

Christine: Sometimes I think that Olivia isn’t happy and she doesn’t want anyone else to be either. She equates power with happiness, even though she’s obviously miserable. Mellie talked to her as a friend and Olivia played God.

The speech she gave Mellie reminded me a lot something her father would have said to her under similar circumstances.

Jasmine: I completely agree with everything Christine said. She truly did sound like her father with that speech, but this also isn't the first time she's meddled with a friend's relationship. She did similar things to Abby. I hated it so much.

I understood her point to a degree. I really did. It's just, damn, she and Mellie have had some really amazing moments as friends and they both women deserve to be in healthy, loving relationships. It was unfortunate.

Sarah: I totally agree with Christine and Jasmine. Olivia doesn't handle it well when people tell her what to do, but she has no problem making decisions for other people. I really want to see Olivia and Mellie working together, and also being friends.

Discuss Mellie calling out Cyrus. 

Christine: Mellie is at her best when she’s direct. I was surprised she didn’t go at him even harder but Cyrus definitely blindsided her with the offer to be his Vice President. Personally, I'm hoping she takes it. 

Jasmine: Mellie and Cyrus have some of the best scenes. I love their relationship so I loved watching her call Cyrus out. I truly hope she takes Cyrus up on being VP. Let's be real, they pretty much ran Fitz's presidency anyway. This time they'd be front and center instead of behind the scenes. 

Sarah: Mellie was great this entire episode, and this scene was no exception. I do think that she would be great as his VP, and it would be fun to see them fight over plans for the next few seasons.

Is Olivia only going to great lengths because she wants in the White House?

Christine: Olivia’s ultimate goal is to be in control, and if she can’t be the person in the Oval Office, then she wants to control the person who is. She’s all for justice when that fight works for her and not against her. Like I've said previously, little by little, she’s turning into her father. 

Jasmine: Olivia is power hungry right now. She wants to be where the power is, and at the moment, the power is in the White House. She wants all the power and control that comes with being there, but she wants to be behind the scenes, so she'd never take a position herself.

After the things she went through, being abducted etc. I can understand her drive to be in control.

Sarah: Definitely. When Olivia has a goal, there is no stopping her, and her goal has been the White House for a long time. The only other motivation is to prove to Papa Pope that she can do it.

Sit Down - Scandal

What did you think of Fitz being with Angela?

Christine: The moment Olivia told Angela, “If you want to take a shot, go for it,” I knew that they were already sleeping together. Let’s face it, Fitz is rarely without female companionship. He’s a player and Angela is just the latest on an ever growing list of women he’s bedded. 

Jasmine: Eh. It was what it was. Fitz has so many notches on his bedpost it's a wonder the thing is still intact.I didn't read too much into it. Were we supposed to see it as her being "the New Olivia" or something? Because I didn't. 

Sarah: I was also wondering if Angela was supposed to be a "new Olivia" or a threat. If she is, it's clear she will be no match for her. I thought it just provided a little more conflict during the episode, but wasn't super important. 

What will Cyrus do next?

Christine: I don’t know. I’m still not 100% sure if Cyrus is guilty or innocent. He’s capable of anything and such an amazing liar that there’s really no way to tell. Although that video at the end was damning, it’s also circumstantial.

I won’t know what to believe unless we see some concrete proof…and I might still question everything even then because this is Scandal!

Jasmine: Something quintessentially Cyrus Beene, I'm sure. He's a sneaky fox, that one.

I'm still not convinced he's guilty either. Unless they show me a flashback of him ordering someone to take the shot, I'm still not sold that he did it. Sure, he's capable of it, the man was willing to put a hit out on both his husbands.

I just feel like it would be too obvious, because at this point he's on everyone's radar anyway.

Sarah: I think Cyrus will figure out who shot Vargas and have to cover it up because I'm convinced that someone did it for Cyrus without him knowing.

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Scandal Season 6 Episode 3 airs February 9 on ABC. 

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