Suits Round Table: More Drama for Mike To Come?

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Harvey and his family are finally at peace with one another. 

That much was confirmed on Suits Season 6 Episode 12 when it became clear Harvey faced an uphill battle to fix things. 

TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Christine Hinton and Jasmine Blu discuss Harvey being the bigger person, the flashbacks and Mike's luck. 

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Are you happy Harvey tried to sort things with his family?

Stacy: That whole story line was very emotional. I think that being able to reconcile with his mom will be a huge step for his ability to control his anger, and he will be a better son, friend, lawyer, etc because of it.

It's already evident in the way he approached Louis at the end. I'm looking forward to seeing his continued growth.

Christine: Yes. It's about time. What his mother put him through as a kid was completely wrong, but at some point you need to deal with it and move on. Harvey has been isolating himself his entire adult life. Maybe this will be the first step in changing that.

Jasmine: At first I was annoyed that Donna sent him home. But yes. It's something that he had been holding onto for years. At some point, for his own sanity and well being, he had to make amends and/or let it go. He'll be a better person for it now.

It's like a weight has been lifted from his shoulders. Maybe this means healthier relationships from this point forward for him. Good for him. Family is everything.

Maybe! - Suits Season 6 Episode 12

What did you think of the flashbacks?

Stacy: I thought they were really well done and really helped to explain the turbulent relationship Harvey had with his mother. It turns out Harvey and I have a lot in common, and I found myself relating to the flashbacks. As I said, this one was very emotional for me. 

Christine: There were a LOT of them. If you looked away for a minute you might lose track of which time frame they were in. I think the flashbacks were a bit overused in this story.

We didn’t need that much information about his father’s funeral to understand what Harvey was going through. 

Jasmine: I agree with both of you! They were emotional and they laid out the relationship between Harvey and his mother. I truly appreciated that because Harvey is such a layered character, and it felt good to peel back a few of them.

But some of them were difficult to keep up with, and there were too many of them.

Harvey Has No Idea  - Suits Season 6 Episode 12

Do you feel like Mike is just being handed things without much of a struggle?

Stacy: Yeah, you could say that. He didn't even finish his day of reflection before someone knocked on his door with a job offer. Honestly, who does that?

Normally an employer would call the applicant and ask him to come in for an interview, not show up on his doorstep with a job offer. I'm glad Mike has the job, and I think it will make for great stories, but I wouldn't have minded seeing him struggle a little more. 

Christine: Yes. Mike gets exactly the job he wanted and the respect of everyone in the office. It seems unrealistic that there wouldn’t be more push back from people who are actually putting themselves through law school.

He even gets to play hero and pay this women’s back rent. It all feels too easy. 

Jasmine: [laughs uncontrollably] That will be a resounding yes from me. I like Mike. I do, but one of the most frustrating things about him has been the fact that he just gets handed things without earning them. I know the whole premise of the show is a result of that, but it has gotten progressively worse over the years. 

I am happy that he has the job, and I like the environment. He'll do good things. But he barely had a day to sulk before he not only got a job in the field he wanted, at the clinic he wanted, but as a supervisor with his own office. Seriously? It's comical but also offensive.

Would you have opposed to Jessica's name being taken out of the firm's name?

Stacy: No, but I'm glad they kept it. Neither of them would be there if it weren't for her, so it's sort of symbolic. Plus, Specter Litt just doesn't have the same ring to it. 

Christine: I wouldn’t have been opposed to it. Jessica has moved on, but I am glad they kept her name in the title. Like they said, you never know when she might come back! 

Jasmine: Yes. But only because I love Jessica so much and it would feel like she was gone for good or being erased. I don't do so well with change. I'm so happy they kept it. It honors their friend and mentor's memory. It also gives them something, a standard, to live it up too.

Is it a mistake having Harvey and Louis as equals in the firm?

Stacy: I hope not. Neither of them are really ready to be the boss, so I like the idea of them being equals. I just hope they can actually make it work without killing each other. What are they going to do when they don't agree? Who's going to have final say?

I guess we'll have to see if this experiment is successful. 

Christine: From a fans point of view, I think it’s going to be awesome. I love it when Harvey and Louis actually work together but it’s also entertaining to watch them butt heads, and no doubt we’ll see both as they co-manage the firm. Now, is it good for the firm is another story entirely…

Jasmine: Possibly. It's certainly going to be interesting though. I agree with Stacy. I don't think either of them are ready to run the firm. I think Harvey is better suited but only by a margin.

I don't know what they're going to do when they inevitably butt heads, without someone to mediate for them. It's going to be fun to watch.

Over to you, Suits fanatics. Hit the comments with your take on the questions. 

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Note: Suits Season 6 Episode 13 airs February 8 on USA Network.

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Donna: Please, tell me you didn't change your mind about seeing her?
Harvey: I didn't.
Donna: Then, what's the problem?
Harvey: I haven't seen the woman in seven years. The last time I did -
Donna: I know what happened the last time you did. Listen to me, every day, you go out in the world and you find a way to win. That's who you are. It's what you do.
Harvey: Donna, this isn't about winning.
Donna: Yes, it is. But it's not just one person in this case, it's two and right now you're both losing.

Lily: Harvey! What are you doing here?
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Lily: I can't believe it. This is wonderful.
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Lily: There is nothing I would rather do than get dinner with you, but I can't tonight. I wish you would have called.
Harvey: I would've, but, uh -
Lily: You didn't have my phone number.
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