Supernatural Round Table: All in the Family

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Crowley’s son came back!

Gavin may have been absent since Supernatural Season 9, but a ghost case involving the ship he was supposed to have ben brought him back to the story on Supernatural Season 12 Episode 13.

Plus, Mary revealed her British Men of Letters secret. But was it a good move?

TV Fanatic staff writers Sean McKenna and Christine Laskodi and The Winchester Family Business' Alice and Nightsky weigh in on “Family Feud.”

So join them in the latest Supernatural Round Table!

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite scene or quote?

Alice: As I look back and try to remember all the forgettable scenes in this episode, not to mention the quotes, I’ll go with the one scene I actually remember; the ending one.   

Actually, it started with Rowena and Crowley in the bus station. Their talk about why Rowena helped Gavin was awesome. The reason was most unexpected.

Then the montage to “Play With Fire” sent a strong message, too.

We still have to keep waiting for something real to happen. Better luck next week.  

Nightsky: I really liked the scene in the bunker when Mary told the truth to her sons. That was a major step forward for her character.

It ended the secrecy within the Winchester family and will allow them to hash out at least some of the underlying differences that are separating them right now. They may not ultimately agree, but the honesty will help them gain understanding.

Mary steps back - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 13

At least they can all watch out for the inevitable betrayal (by the British Men of Letters) that is headed their way.

“Don’t give me the look!” was a wonderful, funny exchange between mom and son, too.

Christine: I think overall, a lot of this episode wasn't memorable. But I definitely won't forget seeing Mary melting that demon's brains with that amazing gun.

How do we get Dean one of those? I feel like that's right up his alley.

Sean: I have to agree about that final scene being a good one.

I’ll pick a small humorous moment when Dean picked up the sword and sort of fumbled it when putting it back down when checking out the collection.

It’s such a minor moment but it was entertaining nevertheless.

Gavin sits near the fire - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 13

What did you think of the return of Crowley’s son, Gavin?

Alice: It was totally unnecessary and felt like filler, but I enjoyed seeing him anyway. Probably because I loved him and Rowena together. 

Grandson meets grandmother for the first time, both realizing that the reason they both are still alive is pretty whacked. Not your ordinary family for sure. 

Still, I didn’t feel the impact of his final decision to go back on the ship and meet his fate. He’s a nice character and all, but I wasn’t that attached. 

Go die like a man now, please. 

Nightsky: I always believed they would bring him back one day, but I’m disappointed that they brought him back to be a disposable character.

His story, his interaction with his father and grandmother, him trying to accept and adjust to being related to the King of Hell – there was so much potential.

Gavin MacLeod returns - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 13

Would he help reform his father by showing him love? Since we now know his father wanted to protect him, what dilemmas would that have raised for Crowley? Would others have used Gavin for leverage?

There was so much that could have been done!

We all know dead doesn’t really mean dead on Supernatural, and there’s no assurance that Gavin and Fiona boarded that doomed ship, so there’s still hope!

Christine: OK, I can't be the only one who completely forgot that Crowley even had a son, right? Even watching the pre-episode clips I forgot about that entire exchange!

That being said, I'm always happy when a loose end gets tied up.

Gavin wasn't exactly memorable the second time around for me either, but I like what his exit did for Crowley and Rowena's tension, so it's worth it in the long run!

Sean: I was initially pleased, but ultimately his appearance was wasted on a case of the week. There was so much that could have been touched on with regard to cosmic consequences or messing with the timeline.

He was an OK character, but his return should have had a better impact on the larger story.

Mary fights - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 13

Were you glad Mary told Sam and Dean about working with the British Men of Letters?

Alice: Yes. It’s about freaking time. 

I think she was manipulated into it by Mr, Ketch. He had to know that telling her she was a better hunter than a mother would get her to come clean with Sam and Dean. 

I’m glad we didn’t hear the whole conversation either. I’m all for hearing that next week or another time, if at all. 

This episode dragged on enough, I didn’t need more exposition.

The expressions said it all, Dean is pissed. Sam is disappointed. Let’s see where this goes now.

Nightsky: Since I picked that as my favorite scene, YES! Besides giving us an emotional Winchester moment, which I’ll watch any day of the week, Ketch’s prompting and Mary’s decision to involve her family advanced the British Men of Letters plot.

The fact that Mr. Ketch wanted to isolate Mary raises some interesting questions about his/their motives.

Unlike Alice, I really would like to hear the rest of Sam, Dean and Mary’s conversation, but I’m fairly certain we won’t.

Sam is overwhelmed by a bunch of books - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 13

Christine: YES. I'm also unlike Alice - I wish we'd seen more of that conversation.

I hadn't considered the idea that it was orchestrated by Ketch with that whole "you're a better hunter" speech. That's really interesting.

Sean: Yes. It’s far better to be open and honest than keep it a secret. Plus, it’s not someone else telling Sam and Dean.

Sure it might not be puppies and rainbows going forward, but it was the right move from Mary.

Rowena and Crowley have a sit down - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 13

What’s Crowley’s plan for Lucifer and are you glad to see him back?

Alice: No idea and not really. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled to see Mark Pellegrino in the role again. But I haven’t been happy with the Lucifer story since last season. 

I was hoping that Lucifer went back into the cage, watching everything unravel from all the damage he’s already done.

It doesn’t make sense that Crowley would keep him around for payback. He’s usually more cautious than that. He has to know this isn’t going to go well. 

Rowena ponders life - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 13

Nightsky: I’m thrilled to have Pellegrino back! It makes sense that he’s still in play because of the nephilim story, but I’m with Lucifer on this: “Crowley, how do you see this ending?”

I can’t imagine what Crowley is thinking! Of course, Lucifer will get out of those chains!

Why would Crowley risk it? To humiliate Lucifer as payback? I don’t buy it.

Crowley is too smart for that. Besides, Crowley isn’t showing off his capture of Lucifer to Hell’s demons so what good is a victory if you don’t flaunt it?

There has to be more to his plan than that.

Sam, Dean and Rowena stop Gavin - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 13

Christine: I don't know what Crowley is planning for Lucifer, but I'm really interested in the Dagon part of the Lucifer story. The introduction of the "princes of Hell" was cool, and I'm glad we're seeing more payoff from that.

It looked to me like he was happily reaching out to her telepathically or something, so I'm excited to see where Dagon/Lucifer/Kelly goes from here.

I'm happy that Pellegrino is back. I don't know that we NEEDED more Lucifer, but if it's him, I'll TAKE more Lucifer.

Sean: I’m skeptical, but with Pellegrino back in the role, I’m optimistic.

Still, the Lucifer storyline has gotten tired, and I’m just not sure that bringing him back again will give us the payoff we want.

Should Sam and Dean be worried that Kelly Kline is getting help from Dagon?

Alice: Of course they should. After all, they were told by Ramiel that she was taking interest. 

What I don’t get is why didn’t they take that hint? 

Instead of saying they can’t find Kelly, why didn’t they try to find Dagon, or have Castiel do so? They had to know that they’d find Kelly in the process. 

Not that it matters, because, apparently, a convoluted ghost story involving Crowley’s son was more worth their time. Nothing like getting distracted with dead teachers instead of going after the bigger fish.

Gavin is cornered - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 13

Nightsky: How long did it take for them and John to defeat the first yellow eyed demon? They dispatched Ramiel much faster (the day after they ran into him?) but that required the lance of an archangel.

I doubt they will be able to get anywhere near Kelly with a yellow eyed demon as a bodyguard.

I agree with Alice that the brothers should have been much more upset about the presence of another yellow eyed demon, especially one that is taking an interest in an infant.

That should hit a lot of hot buttons for both of them (and Mary). Beyond Kelly, it seems Lucifer will be asking Dagon to free him. It’s trouble all around!

Rowena makes a statement - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 13

Christine: Of course. Sam and Dean basically scrubbed right over Dagon. She's like an afterthought to them.

I have a prediction that Dagon will end up the red herring like Lilith was. You THINK she's going to be the thing - until she unleashes something bigger - by way of that baby.

Sean: Obviously. Getting a yellow-eyed demon to help protect her sounds like trouble.

I’m curious if Dagon is going to help Lucifer out, though, and what her true motives are.

Sean McKenna was a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. He retired in May of 2017. Follow him on Twitter.

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