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Remember Gavin MacLeod? Crowley’s son?

His last appearance was on Supernatural Season 9 Episode 21 when he was pulled through time by Abaddon and then whisked away by Crowley to start a new life in the 21st century.

Sam and Dean mentioned that Gavin sticking around rather than returning to his own time to die on a ship would mess with history and time, and yet, after Crowley got him away, the storyline was dropped.

So it was rather exciting to have Gavin mentioned and reappear on Supernatural Season 12 Episode 13.

Gavin is cornered - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 13

Granted, it felt a bit like the writers got together and suddenly remembered there was a dangling thread from about three seasons ago, and they wanted to tie up loose ends.

But with all the talk of cosmic consequences and dealing with Gavin’s life in the present day, it fit right in line with what’s been going on with Supernatural Season 12.

Though, Gavin’s return really didn’t focus on the grand scale of the things. There wasn’t any discussion about how him living in the present day messed with time, if at all.

And when he decided to return to his time so he could die like he was supposed to have and to prevent his girlfriend from becoming a vengeful spirit, everything seemed fixed with a perfect bow.

Gavin MacLeod returns - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 13

Don’t get me wrong; it was a pretty bold move for Gavin to essentially sacrifice himself to make everything right again. He knew he was going to his death, and yet he still was willing to make it.

And on some level, him living out of his time felt reflective of Mary living out of her time, as well.

Does his choice foreshadow one Mary will make in the future?

Mary fights - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 13

Her working with the British Men of Letters seems like a dicey play, even if she gets cool weapons and looks like a bad ass.

Major props to her for choosing to let her sons in on the secret rather than continuing to hold out.

Clearly, she’s been saving lots of people, but obviously, the history with the British Men of Letters makes the whole situation a bit messier.

Mary steps back - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 13

At the same time, I’m glad the brothers were at least willing to hear Mary out. Yes, they were disappointed and upset and concerned. But they didn’t just shut her out.

Their dynamic and trust level may be altered going forward, but at least it’s out in the open now.

I can’t help but wonder what Mary’s fate is going to be going forward, especially after Gavin’s decision.

Rowena ponders life - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 13

It was interesting to see Rowena’s part in it all, and it almost felt like she was continuing to head down this bad-girl-gone-good path.

She wasn’t even over the top during the hour which made her character much more bearable to watch. She felt like more of a real person.

Though, why she helped Gavin was a bit more revealing and spiteful. Not necessarily bad, but there’s clearly bad blood between her and Crowley.

Rowena and Crowley have a sit down - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 13

She wanted to get back at him and having Gavin want to go back in time helped her with her payback.

Does that mean Crowley is going to use Lucifer against her?

What will Crowley's next move be with his mother?

Rowena makes a statement - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 13

Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer is fantastic. He truly makes that character.

I wonder what his role will be under Crowley’s command and whether or not that will backfire.

I was tired of Lucifer, and I am still hesitant going forward, but at least with Pellegrino taking the helm again, I’m much more invested.

As for what’s up with his baby? Is the show leading things up to the new big bad for Supernatural Season 13?

Sam is overwhelmed by a bunch of books - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 13

There was a lot going on during this hour. It may have played better with fewer storylines involved, but the way things wrapped up at the end made the prospect of moving forward much more exciting.

And while I was glad to see Gavin back, I expected more from his return and the consequences for sticking around.

It was far too easy of a fix for both ending his storyline and stopping the ghost.

Sam, Dean and Rowena stop Gavin - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 13

If the writers were willing to dive back into his storyline, maybe there are other stories or characters from the past that might pop back up again.

Adam, anyone?

What did you think of Gavin’s return? Will Mary’s relationship with Sam and Dean change? Will Crowley’s plan with Lucifer backfire? 

Sound off below, and be sure to watch Supernatural online now.

NOTE: Supernatural Season 12 Episode 14, “The Raid,” airs March 2 at 8 p.m.

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