The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Episode 17 Review: The Comic-Con Conundrum

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When The Big Bang Theory focuses on the geeky things in life, that's when it's at its best.

On The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Episode 17, Raj tries to earn money to buy a ticket to Comic-Con, while Penny tries to get out of going with the guys.

Raj's Financial Issues  - The Big Bang Theory

"The Comic-Con Conundrum" is one of the better episodes of this season. It manages to involve the entire gang without splitting up the stories too much, and it's both funny and endearing.

As much as I'd love to see Penny go to Comic-Con with Leonard, it makes more sense that they keep some things separate.

It's sweet that each of them is trying to make the other happy with their plans of going together, but it's Sheldon who's handing out the good relationship advice in this case.

So they're both trying to make each other happy, and the end result is that they make each other sad? That's hilarious.


Sheldon may be TOO honest at times, but he's not wrong that this is something Leonard and Penny need to work on. Besides, their differences are what make them (or can make them – it's not so much the case lately) such an interesting couple.

Meanwhile, we're continuing with a decent and well-deserved storyline for Raj as he realizes how much financial trouble he's in without his father. The solution? Put Sheldon in charge of his finances.


That's probably the best decision he could make, but the timing is unfortunate since Comic-Con tickets are about to go on sale. Raj is going to have to learn a hard lesson fast.

Raj takes on work at the comic book store and does extra chores for Howard and Bernadette in hopes of earning enough money for a ticket. He could have found easier ways, but it says something nice about Raj's character that he's willing to do that extra work. 

I spend a lot of time talking about how much Sheldon has evolved, and it's something I've mentioned with Howard too. For Raj, though, it doesn't often seem to be the case. 

Until now.

Because Raj IS spoiled, and now he's already starting to change – not just in his willingness to work extra for what he wants, but then to sacrifice the trip altogether rather than take money from his friends.

For Howard and Bernadette to offer is thoughtful, and honestly, it is deserved if you consider just how much Raj has been helping out. But like he says, Halley is his god daughter, and that's why he wants to help.

Howard also has an obstacle when it comes to going to Comic-Con – a newborn baby. He tells Bernadette he'll help with everything before the trip if she'll let him go, and she tests that immediately.

Howard is pretty darned determined too, despite his lack of cooking skills.

If you like meatloaf, I'm sure you'll like its cousin, bowl of meat.


But when Raj says he'll stay home this year, and Leonard decides to do the same, Howard realizes that's best too. Instead of leaving home for so long to go somewhere he's been for many years in a row, he decides it's best to stay home with his family.

Plus, he sure as heck doesn't want to go with just Sheldon.

You really can't blame him there.

Other Thoughts:

  • I've never been to Comic-Con myself, but I know enough about it to want to ask one question – does Penny realize how many cool TV shows will have panels?
  • I tend to like Stuart best when he's in the comic book store. I'm not sure why.
  • Just how expensive are Double Stuffed Oreos, anyway?

Oh, Double Stuffed Oreos. I remember when I could afford you.


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The Comic-Con Conundrum Review

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