The Flash Season 3 Episode 12 Review: Untouchable

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Teamwork gets the job done.

So why does Team Flash seem to need a not-so-gentle reminder of that at least once or twice a season?

On The Flash Season 3 Episode 12 "Untouchable," that reminder came in the form of Iris' near death at the hand of one of Alchemy's metas. 

Welcome back, Flashpoint.

Crime Scene Chat - The Flash Season 3 Episode 12

Okay, technically, Flashpoint was not back. More like there are still looming consequences from Barry's timeline manipulation.

And since these consequences do not include a dejected Cisco, I'm actually happy that we're still feeling the effects. 

As great at this show is, it does have a tendency to drop storylines for too long. Then, when it picks up the thread again, either the audience forgot the original premise, or we're too involved in the present to care.

But taking a break from worrying about the future to deal with the past felt seamless.

Joe: This is not something you keep from your father, Iris. You should have known that. [points at Barry] And you should have, too.
Barry: I know, Joe.
Joe: I can understand why they didn't want to tell me [points at Cisco and Caitlin]. Because they didn't grow up under the same roof that you did. They don't know what my baby girl means to me, Barry. But you do.
Barry: I know.

And painful.

Because Joe finally learned that everyone's been keeping a huge secret from him. Those scenes played out exactly how I imagined.

Joe's scared for Iris and he feels betrayed by his kids. Especially Barry.

Is that fair? Iris and Wally lied, too. But Joe holds Barry to a higher standard. And not just because he's a superhero.

Bad news for Joe? - The Flash Season 3 Episode 12

On the lighter side, it was fun watching Joe squirm when Joanie attempted to get him to choose between The Flash and Kid Flash.

Not to mention what it foreshadowed. 

When it came time to act, Wally thought he could handle it. He knows he's fast, but as he learned, being fast wasn't enough. And Iris nearly died because he went in as a solo hero.

I know you can do it. I need you to believe it, too. Run, Wally. Run.


Wally's ego can be grating. His need to be better than Barry makes it hard to like him sometimes. But when he fails and lets his vulnerability show?

That's when I'm happy Wally's a part of the team.

He learned a hard lesson. It shook his confidence, but he still showed up when it mattered. That's the mark of a true hero.

Same goes for Barry. He could have berated Wally much more than his initial reaction.

On Your Mark... - The Flash Season 3 Episode 12

But as Barry said, he's had good teachers. He makes mistakes, too. But he's learning to pay it forward.

Barry took a risk when he came up with the idea to vibrate the train. In past seasons, he would have needed encouragement from Wells or his father or any other nearby mentor.

Now, Barry's coming into his own. He's growing and changing for the better. It's incredibly satisfying to watch.

Just like it was when Wally defeated the meta.

You know, sometimes, it feels like the Flash is this guy my boyfriend becomes when he runs off to save other people. Like I'm the only one who doesn't get the Flash. He felt separate from you. But yesterday when you saved me, I remembered that I have no reason to be scared. The man I love is a superhero. I love and trust you, Barry Allen. The Flash. I love all of you and I always will.


Iris is coming into her own as well.

She's always been strong and fearless. But as she faces the possibility of death, she's letting her fear show. Not all the time or to the point where she can't function in her daily life.

Instead, Iris is making a point of letting those people who matter to her know how much they matter to her. 

Desperate Barry - The Flash Season 3 Episode 12

And that's worth her almost dying, right?

Okay, it's probably not. But I knew Iris wouldn't die in this episode, and I don't think she'll die in the future either.

She's too important of a character. Watching everyone come together to save her proves that.

Plus, we all got to swoon over her speech to Barry. 

Let's call it a win.

Caitlin's thinking - The Flash Season 3 Episode 12

We have to talk about Caitlin and Julian.

And not just because they're heading down the romance path I've been predicting since she offered him a job on The Flash Season 3 Episode 10.

They have a lot more in common than just their scientific backgrounds. They're both carrying a lot of guilt for their evil past deeds.

Caitlin: Julian, you can't change what happened to you. It's not your fault.
Julian: You keep saying that. But it is my fault. People are responsible for their own actions. To say otherwise is just a way to make yourself feel better.
Caitlin: Is that what you think I'm doing? Making excuses for things I've done in the past?
Julian: [doesn't say anything]
Caitlin: You know I'm really starting to regret bringing you in here.

It's an interesting debate. How responsible are each of them for the things they did as Killer Frost and Alchemy? Is it a matter of strength vs. weakness?

I don't blame either one of them for what their alter egos did. But I also can't blame them for wanting to make up for those past actions by doing as much good as they can in the present.

But was it fair for the team to ask Caitlin to risk losing control to save Iris?

Caitlin helps Iris - The Flash Season 3 Episode 12

Again, I'm going to say yes.

For one thing, Iris' life was on the line. I suppose we could technically say the same thing about Caitlin's. She could lose everything she holds dear if Killer Frost takes over for good.

But Barry's pulled her back before. And even Julian, the newest member of the team, managed to find the right words to reach her.

As he pointed out, Caitlin's stronger than she gives herself credit for.

Julian at the lab - The Flash Season 3 Episode 12

Of course we can't forget that Killer Frost is one of the items on the future board.

Obviously saving Iris' life was the correct priority, but it's interesting how the team picks and chooses when to pay attention to the board. 

Sooner or later, that might turn out to be a huge mistake. The kind of mistake that could cost someone their life.

Tell us what you think! Did you enjoy "Untouchable?" Are you happy Joe finally knows the truth? Did you love Iris' speech? Julian's not going to turn evil again, is he? What about Caitlin?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Untouchable Review

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