Timeless Season 1 Episode 14 Review: The Lost Generation

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OK. Now we're getting somewhere.

A little narrative momentum never hurts.

Rittenhouse is breaking out over all on Timeless Season 1 Episode 14.

France 1927 - Timeless

Lucy's Rittenhouse, and she's pretty pissed about it.

Being lectured in the most condescending tones can have that effect on a person.

You'll come around. Like we all did. Because it's who you are. It's your legacy.

Cahill [to Lucy]

Yup, her first significant talk with her biological father, and Lucy finds out she's due to become a member of a world-dominating shadow organization.

Family Squabble - Timeless Season 1 Episode 14

And Cahill talks about it like it's a spot at the country club.

This rightfully ruffles Lucy's sense of justice.

Nobody puts Lucy in the corner.

And she's not the only Rittenhouse legacy. Turns out American hero Charles Lindbergh is too.

Maybe that explains how the Midwest fly-boy ended up as he did.

Lucy: Just a nice boy from Saint Louis who becomes the most famous man in the world. About a decade from now, he becomes a Nazi sympathizer, paranoid and anti-Semetic. Hitler awards him a medal.
Rufus: Boy, that story took a dark turn.

Maybe it's just me, but when Lucy was preaching to Lindbergh about the virtues of self-determination, didn't it sound like she was trying to convince herself as well?

I'm still trying to figure out why Lindbergh decided to leave the farm in Bordeaux to become a Grade A a-hole. Fate?

Bam, Bam, we hardly knew ye.

It's understandable that Wyatt was out of action. Rogue personal missions to the past naturally get you in deep doo-doo.

But while Dave seemed to possess the necessary military skills for the position, he lacked the thinking-on-your-feet improvisation necessary to be a chrononaut.

Entertainer - Timeless Season 1 Episode 14

Hey, and how about those Roaring '20s? How else could you throw Josephine Baker, Hemingway, Lindbergh, Picasso and F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald together in the same episode?

Hemingway was a lot of fun. Good for two-fisted action, despite the fact that he was drunk for much of the adventure.

And Josephine showed the cool-headedness that would enable her to be an Allied spy in the not-too-distant future.

It was a hoot watching Lucy do her historical fangirl thing.

But she's just acting like anyone would meeting great figures as they step out of the history books.

Plus Lucy, Rufus, Wyatt and Christopher have finally pieced together that their little time-travel missions are in fact supporting Rittenhouse's world view.

So both Rittenhouse and Flynn are messing with history. 

What are Lucy and Rufus to do? Which is the lesser of two evils?

It seems that Rufus and Lucy voted to tread water, battling Flynn while figuring out how to handle Rittenhouse.

Flynn is going to murder people, is going to kill people and change history and you know that. And if we don't stop him, that's on us.

Rufus [to Lucy]

Of course it only took Wyatt most of one episode to break out of a military black site, mounting a MacGyver-ish escape with only a paper clip. 

Now that his little side-mission failed, he's decided to actually do his job as he sees it.

Wyatt: I am meant to protect the two of you. I see that now, and I will.
Lucy: You realize you sound like a crazy person?
Wyatt: I sound like you.
Lucy: Exactly.

This none-too-subtle Rittenhouse takeover of Mason Industries doesn't bode well for any of the good guys.

While Lucy and Rufus are still inside, fugitive Wyatt and reassigned Christopher don't even have access any longer.

And shouldn't someone, perhaps her boyfriend Rufus, read Jiya into what's going on around her, since she's largely clueless inside a dangerous situation?

Although as menacing as Mason has been, she knows something is up. Still, knowledge is power.

Based on the previews, it seems as if the trio will be freelancing more in the next episode, to get out from under Rittenhouse as much as possible.

Lucy, Rufus, Wyatt and Christopher were all chosen because of their narrow skill sets: Academic, code monkey, soldier and cop.

But they've all come to realize that they've been fed a line of bull.

And their suspicions will potentially continue to get them into an escalating amount of trouble.

So they all have to become double agents of a sort, working inside Mason Industries/Rittenhouse to bring it down while still keeping Flynn from ruining history.

Easy peasy, right?

Other than Wyatt and maybe Christopher, an unlikely group of action heroes. But that's what makes it fun.

With only two weeks to go, what do you think is going to happen, now that Rittenhouse is out in the open?

How do Wyatt and Christopher get back inside? Where does Jiya fit into all this?

Comment below.

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The Lost Generation Review

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Timeless Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Flynn is going to murder people, is going to kill people and change history and you know that. And if we don't stop him, that's on us.

Rufus [to Lucy]

You'll come around. Like we all did. Because it's who you are. It's your legacy.

Cahill [to Lucy]