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Did Mary Jane like being in the public eye?

That was addressed on Being Mary Jane Season 4 Episode 3 when an interview with a reality TV star made Mary Jane an internet sensation. 

How did the network feel about the interview?

Meanwhile on this hit BET drama series,things between Mary Jane and Lee continued to heat up, but did a shock revelation put the brakes on their relationship?

Use the video above to watch Being Mary Jane online to get caught up on the latest drama for the characters. 

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Being Mary Jane Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Justin: I think your demeanor is cold, judgmental and haughty. I just don't think that's what our viewers want with their morning coffee.
Garrett: Look, Mary Jane, we all know you have charisma and charm, and that works for the lighter pieces. It's the serious pieces; I just don't think they're for you.

You derail the conversation to promote your own agenda and there's no subtlety in your approach.