Watch Code Black Online: Season 2 Episode 16

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How did it all end for your favorite characters?

That was a key question on Code Black Season 2 Episode 16 when the doctors tried to find an antidote to the deadly virus. 

Did everyone make it out alive?

Meanwhile on this hit drama series, Leanne made a shocking decision. 

How did her colleagues feel about it?

Also, Jesse welcomed a new batch of residents, but did they prove to be a problematic bunch?

Use the video above to watch Code Black online to get caught up with some of the best written characters on TV. 

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Code Black Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Leanne: look like a pineapple in that thing.
Jesse: Me? You look like a... You look great.
Leanne: Jesse, make a joke.
Jesse: I can't.

Listen to me. Sometimes...sometimes things happen to us that can make us smaller, but sometimes it can make you bigger. I need you to choose bigger right now.

Leanne [to Ariel]