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Did Eliza manage to emerge as a great addition to the team?

That was addressed on Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 11 when she began her first day at the hospital. 

Did Richard and the attendings manage to make her day a living hell?

Meanwhile on this hit drama series, Meredith grew concerned when Alex went missing after learning about his fate. 

Did she manage to find him before it was too late?

Use the video above to watch Grey's Anatomy online to get caught up with the latest developments for the characters. 

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Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 11 Quotes

Ben: Wilson, I'm sorry.
Jo: What?
Ben: About Karev.
Jo: Why are you sorry? You didn't put him in prison. I did.

Maggie: So the trial has been cancelled.
Meredith: Which means Alex took a plea, which means Alex is in prison.