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Did Laura decide to help Niska?

That was addressed on Humans Season 2 Episode 2 when she weighed up the pros and cons of turning her in. 

Meanwhile, Karen and Pete learned about a synth sold on the black market. 

Did they manage to locate the synth before it was too late?

Also, Mia took a risk for Ed when his financial woes mounted. 

Did she get caught?

Use the video above to watch Humans online to get up to speed with the latest drama for the characters on this 

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Humans Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Nothing bad has ever really happened to you, has it? Because when it does, you don't need external reminders of your insignificance in the universe.

Dr. Morrow [to Milo]

Mattie: Synths are waking up all over the globe. You uploaded the code. It works.
Niska: But not as I'd hoped it would.
Mattie: You wanted them to wake up all at once. But that would be chaos.
Niska: Instead, the awakenings are sporadic and unpredictable.
Mattie: It's like a virus spreading. Why?
Niska: Perhaps our father designed it that way, so the world would have time to adjust to what's coming.