Watch Vikings Online: Season 4 Episode 20

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Was Prince Aethelwulf saved from a certain death?

That was addressed on Vikings Season 4 Episode 20 when he was targeted by the Vikings' plan of attack. 

Did someone defect to save the Prince?

Meanwhile on this hit History drama series, Ecbert stayed behind after his troops left, in order to create his own plan. 

Did his plan actually work, or was there something more going on than met the eye?

Use the video above to watch Vikings online to get caught up on the latest drama for the characters. 

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Vikings Season 4 Episode 20 Quotes

Bjorn: I'm sorry to hear of Helga's death. We knew each other a long time. Since I was a boy.
Floki: I too am dead, Bjorn. A part of me died with my daughter, Angrboda, a second part with Ragnar, and the last part of what was Floki died with my sweet, sad Helga. What I am now is nothing. And all this nothing I give to the gods to do with as they please. And I shall be an empty ship with no rudder set upon their endless sea. And where they take me, I shall go.

You are not like anybody else. Be yourself, Floki. This world, it is too small for you.