Bones Round Table: Who Is Next To Die?

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Blood, bikinis, and neon panthers made for a B-movie gone wrong murder mystery on Bones Season 12 Episode 10

Our TV Fanatics Ashley Bisette Sumerel and Christine Orlando are joined by Pam, a Bones fan, to debate Aubrey leaving for LA, Wendell’s lack of passion, and if anyone will die before the series is over.

Bones Round Table 1-27-15

Do you think Aubrey should take the job in Los Angeles?

Pam: Yes, he can go far, and he should. He can still be friends with everyone, but he needs to grow and experience what he can do in other departments.

Ashley: Yes, absolutely. I love that he's being offered a promotion, and I think he deserves it. 

Christine: Aubrey has really grown on me. If the show were continuing, I’d want him to stick around, but since it is ending, I’m happy he’s getting a promotion and moving on; he deserves it. 

Is Aubrey Headed to LA? - Bones Season 12 Episode 10

Were you surprised by Wendell’s lack of passion for his work?

Pam: Yes, he always seemed to love working at the lab. He was very eager to work with Dr. Brennan and Hodgins. He fought so hard for that spot early on in his career and to keep it later after he found out he had cancer.

It didn't fit the profile of his character, and I was surprised. I thought Bones was going to offer him a position at the lab.

Ashley: Definitely. I thought that was a really strange storyline, to be honest. I did like seeing Brennan talk him through it and act as a mentor, but it feels like it came out of left field. 

Christine: It did feel odd after all the work and time he’s put into this field. I wish they would have given us some idea of which direction he was headed in, perhaps then it would have made more sense. 

What Is Wendell's Passion? Season 12 Episode 10

With two episodes left, will any characters die before Bones is over?

Pam: I hope not, as we already lost Aldo and Max. It would be a bummer if they killed off one of the main characters and left us with that lasting memory after 12 seasons. I thought it was horrible to kill off Max; that's enough for me.

Ashley: I'll be surprised if no one else dies, but I don't know if I can handle any more loss! 

Christine: I hope not. I agree that killing off Max was more than enough for the final season, and I’m still not over Sweets’ death! I don’t want any more loss to mar the end of the series. 

Visiting the Radioactive Panther Movie Set - Bones Season 12 Episode 10

Do you have a favorite B-movie?

Pam: Yes, I love B-movies! My favorite would have to be a western from the late 1950s, 'The Hanging Tree," with Gary Cooper and Karl Malden. Check it out sometime.

Ashley: There's this one called “Psycho Beach Party” that I love. It's weird and terrible and great. 

Christine: I don’t know that it’s officially considered a B-movie, but I love the horror/comedy “Night of the Comet.”

It’s a 1984 film where two Valley girls are two of the only survivors when the comet that killed the dinosaurs makes its way back around to Earth causing a zombie apocalypse. I generally hate zombies, but this movie is just plain fun.  

Did anything disappoint you in this episode?

Pam: I sound like a broken record but there was no romance between Bones and Booth once again, and we have only TWO episodes to go!

Are these two even in love? Where did the passion go the past few seasons? I felt this episode could have been used to tie up some stories and show our main cast giving us answers like 447, instead, we got Betty White to come in for two scenes just to have her back as Dear Betty!

Ashley: You know, I'm not one to be too upset when Booth and Brennan are doing separate things on screen, but their lack of screen time together on this one bothered me.

I don't think it would have quite as much if we weren't so close to the end of the series, but not even seeing them work together was a disappointment. And in general, I thought this was a perfectly fine episode, but not for a final season. 

Christine: I have to agree. Booth and Brennan together have always been the main reason to watch this series, and there’s been a lack of them in Bones Season 12. I don’t know that they can make up for it in the last two episodes, but I hope they try. 

What was your favorite quote or scene in Bones Season 12 Episode 10?

Pam: Booth telling Aubrey that he recommended Aubrey for promotion to Los Angeles.

Ashley: I enjoyed Booth telling Aubrey about his promotion. We've gotten to see Booth mentor him from the start, and now he's going to watch Aubrey move on to do something more, which is nice. 

Christine: I liked what I think are subtle hints to Angela being pregnant. Hopefully we’ll see if I’m right next week.

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Bones Season 12 Episode 10 Quotes

Cam: Burnt, broken, and cut to ribbons.
Hodgins: Well, if he wanted to kill himself he certainly accomplished his goal.

Booth: It's too early for math, Bones. It's too early.
Brennan: It's never too early for math.