Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 18 Review: Lesson Learned

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Will's struggle with losing his mentor on Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 18 was touching, to be sure, but I was more interested in what it revealed about his core characteristics, his psyche.

I'm not saying he didn't care about Dr. Rowan; he clearly did. But the extreme measures he was taking to save her life were another example of how Will isn't good at letting go.

Even if the other person has no desire to be held onto. In fact, maybe especially then. 

Will Struggles To Help His Teacher - Chicago Med

Some of this could be due to his mother's death and the guilt we've been led to believe he carries about that. We haven't seen him act this way with male patients, colleagues, friends, or family, so mommy issues are a strong possibility.

The more we learn about him, the less inclined I am to write him off as a narcissistic, borderline misogynist who resents others whenever things come to them more easily than they do to him.

He may be selfish, but he's still learning and growing (despite his status as an attending). There's hope for him yet.

Treat the patient - Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 18

One thing that hasn't been mentioned over here on Med is Jay Halstead's temporary living arrangement (Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 17) at Will and Nina's. That can't be good for any relationship stress they're going through.

Of course, it seems that Will is completely oblivious to the problems his romance is experiencing. While I blame him and his aggressive obliviousness for the most part, Nina has a share of blame in this as well.

Which is what makes me think that they won't work out. Even more than the #Manstead 'ship being shoved down our throats (gag me), her basic failure to communicate with an emotional idiot is what dooms them. 

#Manstead Hugs - Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 18

But seriously, what's going to happen when she kicks him out and Jay is still crashing in the spare bedroom? 

Stepping away from the Brother's Halstead and their precarious living situation, at least one relationship seems to be going strong. Seems to be.

Honestly, I feel like we've been told more about Connor and Robyn than we've been shown, which makes it hard for me to be invested in them as a couple. Or maybe it's just that they don't seem to spark. I want to like them, but I just can't seem to get on board yet.

Robyn: There are a lot of pitfalls in dating a surgeon. It's crazy hours, stress of the job --
Dr. Bardovi [interrupting a private conversation]: Great case, Dr. Rhodes. very impressive. And thanks for the vote of confidence.
Robyn: -- Fawning women falling at your feet. Yeah, I don't know if I can compete with all that.

I was tickled with Robyn calling out Bardovi to Connor though. His attempt to handle her awkward fawning just wasn't all that great, focusing more on his shortcomings than the fact that she's being inappropriate, not to mention a little pathetic. 

Of course, Connor's innate humility means he probably thinks she's just sucking up, while Robyn knows what the resident is really after. 

I'd say who can blame her, but her sycophantic, over the top flirting annoys me. 

Dr. Bardovi: You're gonna do a great job, Dr. Rhodes. You're an exceptional surgeon, and it is an honor --
Connor: Dr. Bardovi, you don't have to do that. You're a fine surgeon, and trust me, I am a less than perfect teacher.

Speaking of being annoyed, what was with Doris? She went from competent if unremarkable background nurse to total bitch with no warning. 

Yes, Monique was struggling, perhaps more than she should, but this is a teaching hospital. She wouldn't be the first to have trouble adjusting to pressure, and I'm sure she wasn't the worst student they'd ever seen. So why the attitude?

Of course, I also couldn't figure out why, realistically, Doris and Maggie would both be supervising her in a lab setting. It's just not a good allocation of resources in a busy ED. 

Maggie [to Monique]: You're too shallow. You need to keep on drilling until you hub the needle. [Monique tries again]
Doris: Not like that. Who taught her to do an IO, an orangutan?

Also, Dr. Choi should have a word with her about the intelligence of orangutans

Poor Ethan. He didn't even get to have a moment with Dr. Charles or Sarah despite sharing his case with them. The three of them make a great team, and I would watch if it was just the three of them and no one else.

Okay, we'll keep Connor. And Maggie. Maggie's the best. 

Look alive! - Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 18

There's going to be hell to pay if Maggie finds out who's holding the hospital's computers hostage on Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 19 ("CTRL ALT"). And I don't blame her. A cyber attack on a hospital crosses a line.

Thank god Choi is around with his battlefield experience. He'll be teaching Noah some old school tricks to save their patient under difficult circumstances as the docs work in the figurative dark.

No computers means no MRIs, no X-rays, no labs. Even blood pressure and temp are run through a computer! It's enough to make you want to go full on Battlestar Galactica and eschew all networking.

And as if Sharon's day couldn't get any worse with this administrative nightmare going on, Bert shows up. With a girlfriend. I so hope Maggie gives him a piece of her mind.

Maggie: Quick, nurses' creedo:
Monique: Sometimes cure, treat often, comfort always.
Maggie: Uh-uh. Don't kill your patient...
All nurses: ...Because that's the doctor's job.

What are you latest odds on Sarah leaving psych for the ED? Can Nina put aside her insecurities and make things work with Will? Do you want more of snippy Nurse Doris, or should she be canned? We want to hear your thoughts! Join us in the comments section below to continue the conversation.

And as always, you should watch Chicago Med online. Binge watching never hurt anybody!

Lesson Learned Review

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Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

The thing about suicide, it's never really a lone act. It tends to leave a lot of victims in it's wake.


Maggie: Quick, nurses' creedo:
Monique: Sometimes cure, treat often, comfort always.
Maggie: Uh-uh. Don't kill your patient...
All nurses: ...Because that's the doctor's job.