Days of Our Lives Round Table: Nicole Kidnaps Holly!

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A restraining order was the last straw that had Nicole going on the run with baby Holly, as Sonny and Brady considered a partnership to oust Deimos, and Abigail wondered if Gabi was still a threat to she and Chad. 

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando, are joined by Oquossoc and Cupcakedays from MyHourglass a Days of our Lives fan forum to debate Nicole absconding with Holly, Anne’s designs on Lucas, and Abigail’s worries about Gabi after this week’s Days of Our Lives.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Do you blame Nicole for taking Holly?

Oquossoc: Clearly it is her baby, and it is incomprehensible that a judge would award Chloe custody. Was it some kind of judicial activism? Nicole shouldn't have done it, as it will probably just hurt her though..

Jack: I don't like this storyline and I'm disappointed in Nicole's behavior, yet after that farce of a custody hearing I don't blame her for having no faith in the legal system's ability to get her baby back for her!

Cupcakedays: No, because Nicole was put into a difficult and hopeless situation. She made a decision out of desperation.

Christine: No. She’s wanted to have a baby for years and thought it wasn’t possible, and then when she finally has her miracle, her best friend steals it from her.

Every day with a baby is a special bonding experience, and although I’m afraid it will come back to bite her, I don’t blame her for a second for taking Holly and going on the run. 

Nicole Abducts Holly - Days of Our Lives

Should Sonny and Brady team up to take down Deimos? Can they do it?

Oquossoc: They should, as clearly Deimos is making bad decisions for the family and company. While Deimos is dangerous, he is distracted now by the Nicole situation and might be more vulnerable.

Jack: I'm against this. I have no interest in Deimos and I dislike this new version of Sonny as a mobster. They probably can do it, but I'd rather they didn't go there.

Cupcakedays: Sonny and Brady could team up to take down Deimos, but they would probably put themselves in danger.

Christine: I like the idea of Sonny and Brady working together, and I’m no fan of Deimos, but I worry about how far they’ll have to go to take him down.

Sonny and Brady are good men, and I’d hate to see that change with the goal of wanting to get rid of a worse one. 

Does Abigail have anything to fear from Gabi?

Oquossoc: Pretending to be dead to your spouse and lurking around town for months has a way of causing issues. That is her problem, not Gabi. She is a better match for similarly shady Dario.

Jack: Not as much as she has to fear from herself. Gabi is clearly making moves on an uninterested Chad, but if Abby would do something other than stand around sulking whenever she sees them together it would go a long way toward making sure Gabi gets nowhere!

Cupcakedays: Yes, because Chad and Gabi have feelings for each other.

Christine: I disagree with Jack. Chad definitely has feelings for Gabi, but he’s committed to his marriage.

As Oquossoc said, Abby’s biggest problem is when she lies and keeps secrets as that will drive Chad away quicker than anything. If she can refrain from being devious, she’s probably okay. 

Abigail Worries About Gabi and Chad - Days of Our Lives

Would you rather see Lucas paired with Adrienne or Anne?

Oquossoc: Lucas deserves better than someone who is wishy-washy, which is how Adrienne is towards him. There is nothing indecisive about Anne.

Jack: Tough choice. I never used to like Lucas and Adrienne, but they're growing on me. Anne is a lot more toned down and her scenes with Lucas are enjoyable.

I'd like to see Lucas and Anne develop a friendship before moving into anything else, but they might be a cute couple, eventually.

Cupcakedays: I would absolutely love to see Lucas paired with Anne. Anne & Lucas have fantastic chemistry.

Christine: I used to like Lucas and Adrienne, but Adrienne bailing on marrying him really soured me on the two of them. Lucas deserves better.

Oddly enough, he and Anne could end up being a fun couple, but I agree that it needs to be a slow build up to get there. 

What was the most disappointing moment this week in Salem?

Oquossoc: Not too happy Chad is still with Abigail. I was hoping Abigail would be angry about the meatlocker situation, but no. What will it take!

Jack: I wasn't very happy with a lot of things this week. The Hope/Rafe romance scenes were a huge waste of airtime, and them making eyes at each other while Raines talks about cleaning up the department was not much better.

JJ apologizing to Lani when she's the one who wronged him, not the other way around, was offensive, and Gabi's latest tantrum upon seeing him was made even more annoying by bad dialogue on her part.

Abby immediately forgiving Chad and then standing around sulking is also disappointing.

JJ and Lani Flirt - Days of Our Lives

Cupcakedays: I was disappointed that Nicole had to take Holly.

Christine: Chloe getting a restraining order against Nicole was by far, the worst moment of the week.

Just a few months ago Chloe loved her best friend so much that she willingly got pregnant with her child, and now she sees Nicole as so amoral and dangerous that she won’t let her within 100 feet. It’s not only infuriating, it makes no sense. 

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from the week?

Oquossoc: The interaction between Anne/Chloe and then Anne/Lucas was definitely the highlight. Anne is great, and her obsession with Lucas is perfect for her character. Lucas was also funny in that situation.

Jack: As much as I hate this stupidity with JJ/Gabi, he got a great line out of it. I loved him telling Gabi that ever since her hypothermia, she's been very chilly, as well as standing up to her nonsense in general.

Cupcakedays: My favorite scene was Anne kissing Lucas.

Christine: As much as I’m afraid that Nicole taking Holly will end badly for her, I like that she’s finally making decisions on her own and not leaning on Deimos or Brady for help. She’s a strong, resourceful woman and it’s about time we started seeing that again. 

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