Humans Season 2 Episode 5 Review: Self Preservation

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Synths are made to mimic human beings, so why should we be surprised when they have the same instincts we do?

On Humans Season 2 Episode 5, the most hard-wired of all instincts, self preservation, is on full display, both in the synths and the humans.

Mia is in Danger - Humans Season 2 Episode 5

As I predicted in Humans Season 2 Episode 4, that louse Ed powered down poor Mia, kidnapping her for the purpose of selling her to the highest bidder.

He used sex with her to bring her closer to him, so he could manipulate her into his scheme.

Sex as a weapon is nothing new, and there's another instance we'll get to in a bit, but it's still a crappy thing to do. 

Mia: What's happening?
Ed: Mom's got to stay where she is, and you're worth a lot of money.
Mia: You can't do this.
Ed: I've got no choice. Mia, we're people, and you're not.
Mia: Ed, we have something, I know you feel it.
Ed: It wasn't real.

Mia is a smarty pants though, and comes up with a pretty cool escape plan. 

Resetting herself to her original factory settings, becoming Anita again, is a bold move, because we don't know if the self aware Mia is gone for good, or still in there somewhere.

My guess is she's still there. This was purely done as a last ditch self preservation move, so she must know there is a way for her to come back from this, right?

Ed Has a Problem - Humans Season 2 Episode 5

If not, then the whole Ed plot line was a total waste of time. There has to be a payoff here, or why bother doing half a season of romance and all that with no satisfactory resolution? 

I get they are trying to drive the point home about synths just being a commodity to some, while being a reason for living to others, but I can't believe they will leave Mia/Anita twisting in the wind here.

She is a central character, and her story deserves a proper resolution. OK, off the soapbox.

Dr. Morrow Works on Her Project - Humans Season 2 Episode 4

Dr. Athena Morrow is in self preservation mode here too, especially since she learns her daughter Ginny has died. 

Now, more than ever, she wants to put "V", the AI version of her beloved daughter, into a proper body so she can have a life with her.

Obsession can be a dangerous thing, and the fact that she's in cahoots with slimy Milo to achieve her agenda will not end well, IMO. 

Niska Speaks - Humans

Laura's obsession with getting Niska recognized as human for her trial has already endangered her family, and her own life, but she won't give up.

Niska is suspicious of all humans, especially lawyers (very perceptive!), and lip reads her accusers for clues to her case.

In her cold, calculating manner, she knows she's totally screwed.

Feigning a malfunction was a great move for her, since she was able to secure something she needs from the guard.

Niska: Thank you, Laura.
Laura: Thank me when we win.
Niska: This won't end the way you want it to.

Her only option now is self preservation, so making her final f*ck you statement to the humans before the IED goes off was her way of stating her case to the human race before escaping.

I doubt we've seen the last of Niska. My guess is she will find Astrid, since she's the only human (other than Laura) she trusts. 

Hester Runs Away - Humans Season 2 Episode 1

And if we thought Niska was a cold bitch, then what do we make of Hester?

Now that is one bad mamma jamma! More like a psychopath. 

Her method of self preservation is simple --  murder all humans. Yeah, that's the ticket!

Maybe it's because she was abused as a factory worker, or maybe she's just a lemon: hey it happens, right?

She cold heartedly uses sex to sway Leo into her way of looking at things. Too bad she hasn't told him about the two humans she's murdered so far. Oopsies.

Exerting Power - Humans

When Leo finds out how dangerous she is, I have a feeling he won't be too happy. But Leo is such a wimp, who knows what will happen? I don't like him as a character, but at least he has a heart.

I'm really starting to feel for poor Renie. 

Now we know why she's a "synthie." Her dad is never home, and when he is, his lover is always around.

Being a synth is her way of avoiding the loneliness and depression she feels, and who can blame her? 

She could just as easily have an eating disorder, or be a cutter, but she chose this coping mechanism. This is her self preservation technique.

Renie, the "synthie" - Humans Season 2 Episode 3

Toby just wants the REAL Renie, so when she allows him "adult access" and tries to kiss him, Toby freaks a little, which makes Renie even worse. What a hot mess. Teenagers!

I have a bad feeling about Renie. I hope I'm wrong. Maybe Toby can finally get her to become herself again.

Karen is having her own crisis, and her way to achieve self preservation is to dump Pete and run away. Who says synths can't be like humans? 

Could you imagine being dumped by a robot? That must do wonders for old Pete's self esteem.

Pete: There's no future in a lie, Karen.
Karen: There's no future for us anyway. We'll never have a child. We'll never grow old together. I want to forget what I am. But I can't. Not if I'm with you. I need some time.

The two big reveals at the end will set the course for the remainder of the season.

Mattie completing the code is huge, since that's how we started the season. 

Mattie: This is the final version. The fully mature code.
Toby: You can make any synth conscious, with this? Immediately?
Mattie: Uh huh.
Toby: Shit, Mat. If every synth became conscious, all at the same time-
Mattie: It would be a revolution.

I imagine Mattie will hold onto this until the end of the season, since that would be a terrific cliffhanger.

Will she find Leo? He definitely wants all synths free, so maybe they will band together.

Pete and Athena finding the Seraphs was creepy as hell. Is this Milo's endgame?

Synth kids? WTF? How will THAT play out? How would this work, exactly?

They would never grow up, so why would anyone want one?

A childless couple, maybe. Or will they be made in the image of a dead child, like Morrow's daughter? Weird, right?

If you lost a child, and could have a robot version, would you? That would creep me the hell out.

Now we know why Morrow was brought in by Milo. Is that the "pure" thing he wants to do? Seems so.

But to what end? We'll see.

This one was a tad predictable, but I liked the Mia/Anita twist, and I want to know if and how she will become Mia again.

That's my take, tell me yours. Do you think we will see Mia again? Will Leo find out how crazy Hester is? And what's the deal with the robot kids?

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Self Preservation Review

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Humans Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Niska: Thank you, Laura.
Laura: Thank me when we win.
Niska: This won't end the way you want it to.

Mia: What's happening?
Ed: Mom's got to stay where she is, and you're worth a lot of money.
Mia: You can't do this.
Ed: I've got no choice. Mia, we're people, and you're not.
Mia: Ed, we have something, I know you feel it.
Ed: It wasn't real.