Legion Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Lost Together

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David and Syd make a Rainbow Connection, but they don't get a pot of gold at the end. The color is more yellow, if you get my meaning.

In Legion Season 1 Episode 5, David comes back from the astral plane, but he isn't the same guy who left. We now know that Yellow Eyes is mind wrestling for control of David and his immense power, and guess who has the upper hand?

David Needs Help - Legion Season 1 Episode 5

It all starts out cool enough since David has found a way to finally get together with Syd.

I'm glad the writers came up with a solution for them to have a proper romance because the whole "not touching" thing was getting old.

The astral plane creation suggestion by Ollie is pretty easy for David, and he creates a white room love nest for his boo Syd.

David: I think I know what I am.
Syd: You do?
David: I'm the magic man. It's OK. It's OK. Just want you to know-I found a way for us to be together.

It doesn't take long for our lovebirds to make sweet, sweet love, but wouldn't you know it, Lenny/Yellow Eyes crushes the mood. 

Yellow Eyes has only one thing in mind: rescuing Amy. At least that's what he tells David to convince him to go to Division 3. 

The REAL reason for Yellow Eyes' need to go to D3 is to get some killing done. What better way to test your powers, right?

Syd: Are we really going to D 3 tomorrow?
David: It will be fun. Kick some ass. Save the girl. Get a snack.
Syd: They'll kill us. You know that, right?
David: They'll try.

It's obvious to me, what with the Jack Nicholson "Shining" crazy gleam in his eyes, that David is not himself. Syd doesn't see, but Melanie thankfully does.

Syd is in love, but Melanie has her own agenda.

She knows that David talked to Ollie, and she is convinced that he can bring him back into the real world.

Melanie: He saw him, Cary. Oliver-in the astral plane.
Loudermilk: He told you?
Melanie: He can bring him back. I know it.

This puts Syd and Melanie at odds. Syd is only looking out for her man, and can't see that he's not the same.

Melanie only cares about getting Ollie back and endangers the entire team with her obsession. Ain't love grand?

Of course, everyone out there would probably do the same thing, right?

People are inherently selfish when push comes to shove, and will do what's in their self-interest over anything else. 

Melanie: We can't lose him.
Ptonomy: Why? Because you think he's going to bring Oliver back?
Melanie: No. Because he's too powerful.

I don't buy that for a second. She realizes that he is very powerful, and doesn't want him on the other side, but getting Ollie back is most important to her right now.

When the Summerland gang followed David to D3, the carnage left in his wake is very shocking: limbs strewn everywhere, people half submerged in walls and the ground (just like Lenny/Benny/whoever in Clockworks), everything blew up real good. 

Jean Smart as Melanie Bird - Legion

But if you thought that was gnarly, then the CCTV footage showing David gleefully vaporizing D3 soldiers was creepy as f*ck!

David mugging for the cameras and killing with such enjoyment was hard to watch.

But the main reveal, of course, was when we saw the infrared footage, showing Yellow Eyes as the culprit, wearing David's meat suit. Dayum! 

We knew this was coming, but to finally see it as a real event was a first for this show. The "unreliable narrator" way of telling the story is finally being pared down, and it makes the whole deal much easier to follow.

I. for one, am happy they are doing a more linear strategy as far as storytelling goes. 

Loudermilk: I mean split mind. This monster isn't David. It's a parasite of some kind. You see, another consciousness inside him.
Melanie: What does that mean?
Loudermilk: This thing burrowed into David's brain when he was a boy, maybe even a baby, and has been there, feeding off him ever since.
Ptonomy: The memories?
Loudermilk: Memories, exactly! Every time David sees this thing, or realizes it's there, this creature makes him forget-rewrites his memory.
Melanie: Is that why we couldn't see it?
Loudermilk: I think so.

Ollie told David this in Legion Season 1 Episode 4, but the explanation by Loudermilk was a good move here. 

David still has some life left inside his noggin and can get messages to Syd in the white room from time to time. Or is Yellow Eyes allowing it, so he can get them where he wants them? Hmmm.

One such occurrence is when Syd gets a flash that David has taken Amy to their childhood home.

David Finds Amy - Legion Season 1 Episode 5

David uses this opportunity to question Amy about his real past.

When that doesn't work out, Yellow Eyes emerges into the real world in the form of Lenny, to scare the living crap out of Amy. 

Mission accomplished!

Lenny is Evil - Legion Season 1 Episode 5

David plays with Amy, like a cat stalking a mouse. Then he sends Lenny in to close the deal.

Lenny transforms to Benny, then the invisible dog King, to scare Amy into a confession. 

It works.

David: My whole life is a lie. I just need to know-who am i?
Amy: You were adopted.

They have never shown the face of David's adoptive dad, and maybe this is why. 

We know from the source material that David is the son of Charles Xavier, big daddy of the X-Men, so the fact that we now know his adoptive dad isn't Professor X makes perfect sense. 

Making the Summerland crew unable to communicate when they descend on Casa David is a cool way to handle that scene, building the tension to a decent level. 

Lenny sucking face with David while speaking in the voice of Yellow Eyes was very creepy indeed. 

A very vulgar display of power, huh?

So much power. It wears a human face. Be careful, he wears a human face.

Head of Division 3

And just when you thought David and Syd were safe in the white room, here comes the big ugly, with sadistic intent. 

When David went nuclear at the end, I thought it was his last resort way to protect the crew from Yellow Eyes, by sending them back to the nut hut Clockworks.

But that doesn't explain why Lenny is now the head shrinker, and why was The Eye there as a patient? 

Does this mean Yellow Eyes put them all there in a sort of prison world? We'll find out, hopefully.

I loved this episode! The story is barreling forward, and the plot is much easier to follow. I can't wait to see how they escape Clockworks, and if the contraption Loudermilk came up with can help David regain control.

That's my take. Give me your theories. Is Yellow Eyes totally in control of David now? Did David send the crew to Clockworks for protection, or did Yellow Eyes send them there to control them?

And since this show needs more than one viewing, watch Legion online to catch what you missed, right here in TV Fanatic!

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Legion Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

David: I think I know what I am.
Syd: You do?
David: I'm the magic man. It's OK. It's OK. Just want you to know-I found a way for us to be together.

I met your husband. He was a beat poet?

David [to Melanie]