Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Eye of the Hurricane

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If you thought that Shades of Blue Season 1 was fierce, it’s got nothing on the intensity of Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 2

Mutually assured destruction. 

Perhaps someone needs to sit Woz and Stahl down and explain that concept to them...or simply have them watch the movie War Games. 

Agent Stahl's Weak Spot - Shades of Blue

The point is to let your enemy know that you have lethal means of crushing them, without ever using it. With that knowledge should come the realization that if either side uses their weapons, but sides will be destroyed. 

Of course, it only works when someone is capable of putting their rage aside long enough to look ahead and see the inevitable consequences of their actions. 

Neither Wozniak or Stahl appeared to have that capability when it came to one another. 

I was disappointed in Woz for using the footage of Stahl with the prostitute. 

First, it let Stahl know there was a camera in his home, a tool that Woz and Harlee could have continued to use to their advantage. 

Second, he could have shown Stahl the footage and used it to try and control him. 

Instead, Woz used the recording as some macho measuring contest with Stahl.  

Wozniak Goes All In - Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 2

Woz wanted to humiliate Stahl, and he was angry enough to destroy the man’s chances at getting joint custody of his child, but did Woz go too far?

I've lost my best reason to behave. No more secrets. No more boundaries.


For someone as obsessive and dominating as Stahl, it’s scary to think that he’s been holding back. 

Sending the recording of Donnie and Woz to Linda was the next bomb to be dropped, and suddenly Woz was on the receiving end of the destruction. 

Woz and Stahl are both unique versions of crazy, but I find Wozniak’s far more entertaining as in this Shades of Blue quote where he was strangling Stahl.

When I find you in Hell, I'm gonna do this again.


Stahl, on the other hand, is always walking right up to the line of being a sexual predator, and it makes me cringe.

Stahl: You know what my problem with her imitation of you is?
Harlee: She cuts into your bank account.
Stahl: She gives it up too easy.

Unfortunately, who has the bigger balls won’t be the determining factor of who wins this fight. If there can be a winner, it will be determined by who has the bigger brain. 

Can one of them possibly outsmart the other before everyone around them is annihilated? 

It's too late, Harlee. The world's already crashing down.


Harlee has almost become a third wheel in this battle of wills, but that doesn’t make her part any less fun. 

I asked you here so you can translate; I don't speak rat.


And she might be the one person making the right moves. 

Harlee Testifies Against Bianci - Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 2

It didn’t take Harlee long to figure out how Julia fit into this scenario, how she obtained her power, and how she's been using it. 

The question now becomes, what will she do with that knowledge?

In the meantime, it was great to see Tess teaming up with Harlee. Between her divorce, getting shot, and a possible Internal Affairs investigation, Tess was feeling a little off balance.

Tess: I might be tempted to…
Espada: To what?
Tess: Pack it all up and run away with the circus.
Espada: You've got a clown phobia.
Tess: See, another bad decision.

Harlee and Tess - Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 2

At least Harlee helped her make the right one by telling Woz she took the envelope of cash. 

I don’t know how he’d handle it if he thought someone else on his team was lying to him. 

Loyalty is everything, especially now. We have to stick together.


That is the only way his team will make it through this. If they can stick together, and that means Loman, too. 

The upside is that Donnie’s death made him feel a part of Woz’s team, but does he have the fortitude to keep his mouth shut with IA sniffing around? Right now, I just don’t know. 

Both Woz and Stahl just had their respective personal lives come crashing down around them. Will they continue to destroy one another, and if so, how many people will get caught in their crossfire?

Check back Sunday, March 19, 2017, for my review of Shades of Blue Season 2 Episode 3, to recap all the fallout.

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Eye of the Hurricane Review

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