Suits Season 6 Episode 16 Review: Character and Fitness

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Desperate. That’s the word to describe the feeling flowing through Suits Season 6 Episode 16 as everyone scrambled to try and help Mike Ross once again. 

Wherever Mike Ross goes, drama follows, and those closest tend to get sucked into it with him. 

His Biggest Obstacle - Suits

Take Oliver and Nathan. 

Is Mike that naive that he didn’t think that a $50,000 check would make a huge difference to the legal aid office? Those types of places are generally scraping by, and Mike appeared genuinely surprised by Nathan’s reaction. 

Oliver didn’t seem to know what to make of Mike. Was he his mentor or a lying fraud looking to use the legal aid office as nothing more than a means to and end?

One minute Oliver was calling Mike out, the next he was defending him. I look forward to seeing his reaction when he finds out that Mike’s bringing him over to Pearson, Spector, and Litt.

Mike: Can a guy just buy you flowers because he loves you?
Rachel: He can, but he didn't.

Mike should buy Rachel flowers every single day for the rest of their lives.

She’s not only stood by him when most people would have run, she even saved his skin in that hearing when she came up with the precedent of having a character witness. 

And Dr. Julius Rowe was just what Mike needed to take on Anita Gibbs, and he did so with some memorable Suits quotes.

Dr. Julius Rowe: It's true, Mr. Ross entered into an early release agreement but it's also true that he stayed in longer than he had to to keep his cell mate safe. And while he was there, he risked his own life to prevent a violent man from falsely obtaining parole.
Anita Gibbs: And for all we know he did that for self serving reasons.
Dr. Julius Rowe: And for all I know, that's what you’re doing right now.
Anita Gibbs: You're out of line. I'm not the one under examination here.
Dr. Julius Rowe: Neither am I. I am a prison psychologist and in my experience, self serving men do not risk their lives to help people.

I love Malcolm Jamal Warner in this role. I had hoped we would have seen him even more involved in Mike’s prison storyline, and my only disappointment here is that he probably won’t be back for more.

Dr. Julius Rowe: With all due respect Ma'am, I'm done wasting my breath on you, because the purpose of this hearing was to determine if Mike Ross had reformed, but you don't seem to be interested in that because you've already made your mind up.
Anita Gibbs: Maybe I have.
Dr. Julius Rowe: Then maybe you shouldn't be on this committee.


Harvey was as desperate and insecure as I think we’ve ever seen him. He was terrified that he was going to let Mike down, so much so that he was willing to sacrifice his own career to Mike. 

Louis was right in calling Harvey out for being an idiot. Anita would have had Harvey disbarred and still blocked Mike.

Harvey is so used to blocking out his emotions that, in this case, they were overwhelming him and clouding his judgment. 

Thankfully, he called in someone who knew what needed to be done.

Did anyone else want to hug Jessica when she entered that hearing? I’d almost forgotten how much I missed her, and then she walked in and stole the show.

Good friends show up when they're needed, and Jessica jumped on a plane to Mike and Harvey’s rescue.

I hear she might be getting her own spinoff. If so, I’m in!

As happy as I am that Mike won and is finally able to be a real attorney, I’m bitter too. 

Louis and Tara - Suits

Why is it that Mike Ross always gets what he wants?

He’s got friends willing to risk their careers for him. He’s got Rachel who has never wavered in her devotion, and now, not only is he a lawyer, but he gets the best of both worlds, working with Harvey and partnering with legal aid. 

And then there is Louis Litt.

You shared something horrible with me, gave me no time to process it, and while I was taking it in you not only attacked my integrity, you made me feel ashamed of myself.


Did Louis react badly to Tara turning on him? Yes, but there’s nothing he said that wasn’t true. 

Louis has been able to look past her bouncing between two men, and now he’s not only willing but excited about loving her and helping her raise another man’s child. 

And after one serious fight, Tara bails. I knew it was inevitable, but I’m still ticked off. 

Even Donna was quick to believe that Louis was short shifting her when he’d actually fought to get her the best deal possible. 

Rachel forgot to even ask how things went when Louis told Tara the truth about his involvement in Mike’s fraud. She had a lot going on, so I’ll give her a pass, but I can see how it would make Louis feel even more worthless and alone. 

The only bright spot for Louis was Gretchen.

From where I'm standing, you're worth loving.


I doubt Louis has been made to feel that way very often, and I’m getting tired of him being everyone’s punching bag. 

When does Louis Litt get to win?

The Donna May Never Happen - Suits

The other heart-wrenching moment was between Donna and Harvey. 

I don't want the money. I want something more, and I've never said that out loud but I can't pretend that's not true anymore.


Harvey wanted to know what more meant. We all did, but Donna didn’t have an answer. 

Her life is missing something, and she’s desperate to figure out exactly what that is. 

From the way Harvey closed his eyes when she left, I’d say he knows he and Donna could be coming to a crossroads sometime soon. 

Well TV Fanatics, what did you think of the season finale? Be sure to check back on Monday to see what our Suits round table team has to say.

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Character and Fitness Review

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Suits Season 6 Episode 16 Quotes

You shared something horrible with me, gave me no time to process it, and while I was taking it in you not only attacked my integrity, you made me feel ashamed of myself.


Mike: Can a guy just buy you flowers because he loves you?
Rachel: He can, but he didn't.