The Big Bang Theory Spinoff Gets Direct Series Order!!

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The Big Bang Series spinoff based on Sheldon Cooper's youth is a go at CBS.

Young Sheldon will star Iain Armitage (Big Little Lies) as the youthful Cooper, and Jim Parsons will be along for the ride as the series narrator.

The cool factor of this upcoming series hardly stops there, though.

Young Sheldon Iain

If it's not reboots or revivals, then it's spinoffs that are all the rage.

We have The Blacklist: Redemption and a plethora of Chicago spins on NBC, ABC has an impending spinoff of The Goldbergs and potential college-based 'black-ish show to come and The Good Fight is currently airing on CBS All Access.

Will any of them be as big a spinoff featuring what will surely be an adorable Sheldon Cooper in childhood?

With the success of The Big Bang Theory, it's been impossible not to wonder how Sheldon came to be the man he is today. 


In Young Sheldon, not only will we be treated to watching the formation of the...interesting and intelligent man he's grown into, but it will also be a period piece because the series isn't negating the fact Adult Sheldon is who we know him to be now.

Iain Armitage is a known entity, currently winning our hearts as Ziggy on Big Little Lies on HBO.

That exposure, which wobbles between limited and wide in scope, will be enough to help the newer Cooper character gain favor while still keeping him as a relative unknown.

Young Sheldon will be 9-years-old, living with his family in east Texas and going to high school. 

Lance Barber will play Sheldon’s father, and Raegan Revord (believed to be playing a young version of Sheldon's twin sister, Missy) and Montana Jordan (possibly older brother, George Sr.) will play his siblings, and Zoe Perry, will play Sheldon’s mom.


What's exciting about Perry playing Sheldon's mom is that she's the daughter of Laurie Metcalf, who plays the role of Mary Cooper to Jim Parson's adult Sheldon.

Seriously. How cool is that?

There have been many references to Sheldon's upbringing during the ten years The Big Bang Theory has been on the air.

If those and new stories come to light about his experiences, viewers are sure to tune in and find something delightful and new to adore about the character they've already come to love.

The Big Bang Theory has yet to be renewed, but it is believed the series is on the cusp of another two-year renewal on CBS.

If the renewal does come through, it's expected Young Sheldon will air right after The Big Bang Theory for one of the most powerful comedy blocks on television.

Let us know what you think of this news, the casting and more.

If you're hungry for references to Sheldon's childhood, you can always watch The Big Bang Theory online to find them!

Catch you in the comments.

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