The Good Fight Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Social Media and Its Discontents

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There was a lot going on, but I think I managed to keep track of it all.

On The Good Fight Season 1 Episode 6, Neil Gross wants hate speech removed from his websites, Maia tests her dad's loyalty, and Lucca gets closer to Collin.

The Firm at Work - The Good Fight

The majority of the hour focused on Neil Gross's task which was a big one.

He wanted the firm to rid his websites of all hate speech. His advertisers were pulling out; namely, Disney.

God forbid, Neil Gross, Chumhum billionaire, lose any money.

The firm is on it but determining what constitutes hate speech, as opposed to other vile, but protected, speech is complicated.

Free speech is a fundamental right and people love it. Its importance can't be overstated.

There's probably a reason why it's in the First Amendment. It's THAT important.

So when someone wants to express themselves and can't, they get angry fast.

Enter Mr. Staples.

As annoying as he was, he was kind of fun, too. His colorful outfits, dramatic statements and facial expressions.

I can't think of anything funny so I decline to reply.

Mr. Staples

He was ready and willing to go toe-to-toe with Reddick, Boseman and Kolstad.

They even took the bait for a while which lead to some hilarious sniping during his appeals process.

Lucca: Why do you need funds for that?
Mr. Staples: Why do you need funds for that dress?
Lucca: Because I don't want to end up in that jacket.

To do an episode like this, it had to be on CBS All Access. Censoring or downplaying the hate speech wouldn't have been true to life. It wouldn't have had the same impact.

Instead, we were privy to the vicious, nasty, violent comments that people say online every day. Nobody was happy.

People reading the comments were mad when they read them; people making the comments were mad when they were censored, and Neil Gross was mad they were being made on his website.

Flawless Diane - The Good Fight Season 1 Episode 6

While I enjoyed the "all too realistic feel" of this storyline, I was happy that Marisa and Elsbeth occasionally jumped in to make me laugh again.

So much of the magic of Elsbeth is her physical comedy.

Struggling to get up from the beach chairs in her office; emphatically waving and being pulled to the ground by the weight of her multiple Vera Bradley bags.

I also loved when she had Aida put on something nice, then handed the device to Maia.

I can never have too much Elsbeth, and the firm is lucky to have her.

She advised Maia to leak false information to her dad to see if he was on Team Kresteva or Team Reddick, Boseman and Kolstad.

Unfortunately, it was the former. We found out when Collin warned Lucca about consequences stemming from the false information.

Like Lucca, I immediately felt bad for Maia. Her dad turned on her.

While he didn't screw her over personally, he used their relationship to screw over her firm.

Plus, if he's colluding with Kresteva, that makes it more likely he has something to hide. But does it relate to the Ponzi scheme or something else entirely? Or is he just scared that Jax will frame him so he's doing whatever he can to protect himself?

I still have way too many questions to make a guess either way.

Investigator Jay - The Good Fight Season 1 Episode 6

Marisa was equally great as she treaded the waters of investigation. I love that the show is taking her in that direction.

Marisa: One of the alt-right boys really likes me. He thinks I'm one of them.
Diane: How do you even know...
Marisa: It's nothing. They're easily confused when women offer them attention.

She's already done some investigating in the past, so you know she'll be great at it. She just has a knack for reading people and getting them to talk.

I like the relationship between her and Kay. He's a little irritated by her, but he also knows she can be an asset.

I think they'll work great together, and I hope we get to see more soon.

Marisa: Who are we?
Jay: Anyone we want.
Marisa: God, I love this job.

Side notes:

  • Where is Amy?! I'm genuinely concerned about her at this point.
  • Julius quit. Were you surprised? I though it would come eventually, but not this quickly.
  • Mike Kresteva tends to lie is the understatement of the century.

If you missed this episode and/or want to watch it again, you can watch The Good Fight online via TV Fanatic.

Social Media and Its Discontents Review

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The Good Fight Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Julius: You can't ban every use of the n-word on the internet.
Diane: Yes, you can.
Adrian: Every rap lyric would go out the window. What about Huckleberry Finn?
Barbara: Yes, that would be unfortunate. All those times Huckleberry Finn is quoted in tweets.

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