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If you don't see Colony Season 2 Episode 12, you are going to be missing one of the best hours on television.

As Katie, Will and Broussard determined to get the gauntlet come what may, Snyder worked to rid the Bloc of others.

Nolan waffled between having a heart and stomping on one in his dealing with Maddie.

Was there anything Snyder could do to change the fate Nolan had planned for her?

What about changing the fate of Nolan after he placed his bet on the wrong man?

While that was happening, Katie, Will and Broussard went up against the Red Hand.

Why would two different sides of the resistance fight against each other? 

It's a question that will be asked, but whether it's answered will only come when you watch Colony online.

Don't waste another minute. Click above and watch now!

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Colony Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Broussard: That woman is a plague. She'll burn this bloc down without a second thought.
Katie: She lost a child.
Broussard: Exactly. Which is why she'll keep provoking the occupation until they go nuclear, which is probably what she wants.
Katie: So what do we do?
Broussard: Take back the gauntlet. And wipe them all out.

Maddie: What do you think's gonna happen to the bloc?
Nolan: Nothing good.
Maddie: What about us?
Nolan: Depends upon the choices we make, I guess.
Maddie: What do you mean?
Nolan: We live in a moment filled with tough decisions. Sometimes those decisions can seem selfish, but we're just doing what we need to do to survive.