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Where did Eve and Nick end up?

That was addressed on Grimm Season 6 Episode 11 when the pair were forced to go into a portal to an unknown land. 

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Meanwhile, Captain Renard was finally brought in on some crazy developments about what the team was up to when he was drafted in to help when it emerged that someone close to him was in danger. 

Also, a new villain emerged from the ashes. 

Use the video above to watch Grimm online to get caught up on the latest drama for the characters. 

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Grimm Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

I have a strength and a purpose that I never had before. I know you’re here because you loved me once, and you feel responsible for the bad things that’ve happened. But you can’t change any of it. And I can’t change any of it. And if you could, would you really go back to the way things were, just to be happy? “Happy” doesn’t interest me anymore, Nick, it just gets in the way. I know everything that has happened to us, that brought us together, right here, right now, happened for a reason.


How do you say “I am a vegetarian” in German?

Eve [offered roasted Blutbad]