Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 19 Review: Love Lost

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Jack Boyle, Erin’s ex-husband showed up on Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 19, mostly to push Erin’s buttons.

At least that’s how it came across.

Facing Her Ex - Blue Bloods

From constantly forgetting that she no longer uses the last name Boyle, to taking a meeting for a plea deal he had no intention of accepting, Jack seemed to enjoy irritating his ex. 

And his 25-year-old girlfriend/associate named Mandy, definitely helped that cause. 

Frank: So is she?
Erin: Is she what?
Frank: Hot?
Erin: In a cheap sort of way, I suppose.

I had to wonder why Erin lets Jack get under her skin to such a degree. Yes, getting annoyed with your ex isn’t unusual but they’ve been divorced for quite some time.

Erin should be smart enough not to allow Jack the satisfaction of her reaction, if for no other reason than he appears to enjoy it.  

The one thing I was grateful for was when Erin had the good sense to turn down Jack’s advances at the end. 

Jack sounded like Erin was supposed to feel sorry for him that his relationship with a woman slightly older than his daughter didn’t work out, or that he misses the intelligent conversations and spark he shared with Erin. 

Jack Boyle - Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 19

Jack didn’t know what he had until it was gone, and as Frank pointed out, Jack always thinks the grass is greener elsewhere. 

I’m not sure if I want to see Jack back again or not. The way he exasperates Erin is equal parts bothersome and entertaining, but I grew a severe dislike for his character when it was time for Nicky to start college and he told Erin he didn’t have any money to chip in. 

As though their smart, 18-year-old daughter wanting to go to college had come as some sort of a surprise to him. 

Perhaps more interesting than Jack was his client, an obvious sociopath who just had to gloat to Erin about how he killed a man and got away with it. 

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if we saw him again before the end of Blue Bloods season 7

All of the Reagan clan’s cases made for some engrossing conversation at their Sunday family dinner…

Henry: So who died?
Danny: A 33-year-old woman with a four-year-old kid.
Erin: A 40-year-old dermatologist from the upper West Side.
Frank: And a 16-year-old in East New York.
Henry: I didn't mean it literally.
Frank: You just forgot who was at the table.

Everyone had a lot on their mind. Danny’s case specifically was both heartbreaking and a bit frustrating. 

The frustrating part was the insurance policy. To my knowledge, if you die within the first year of buying an insurance policy, the company usually asks for a review.

If you had cancer and didn’t disclose it, they can void the policy. If it’s an assisted suicide, then I’m guessing they can also void that policy. 

It’s why I thought that the husband wanted to make her death look like murder, but that wasn’t his story. 

Also, Emily’s mother made it sound as though Emily wanted her to take their 4-year-old son. Did the mother misinterpret what she said, or was Emily worried that her husband could go to jail.

If it’s the latter, that means they were willing to take the risk having their pre-schooler lose his only living parent after losing his mother too and I find that almost as horrifying as Emily painfully dying of cancer. 

But it was Jamie’s predicament that made for the best Blue Bloods quotes

Jamie: Sarge switched us up. Now he's got me riding with an IAB snitch.
Danny: Well, that's a real waste of IA manpower, don't you think?
Jamie: What's that supposed to mean?
Danny: Well, their snitch is riding around with, you know, Dudley Do-Right.

So true. I didn’t love this storyline. It meant that the NYPD did such a lousy background check to begin with that they missed Potemkin had immediate family who were criminals, and once they found out they more or less forced her to become an informant to keep her job. 

That sounds like a dispiriting way to start a new career.

The best part was how the truth behind Jamie’s partner switch came out at dinner…

Jamie: How is it you can make even my being a good cop into a bad thing?
Danny: I didn't say it was a bad thing.
Jamie: You'll be happy to know they switched us up for punking another pair of partners.
Frank: I'll be happy to know?
Jamie: Well no, not you.
Frank: You just forgot who was at the table.

Frank’s storyline took a backseat tonight as it all took place via conversation about an unsolved murder.

The mother made her point, but this entire plot felt more like filler by the end. 

A Mother Who Lost Her Son - Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 19

I would have preferred more dinner with the Reagans.

Check back next week for my review of Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 20.

And if you want more of the Reagans, you can watch Blue Bloods online here at TV Fanatic.

Love Lost Review

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Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 19 Quotes

Jamie: We're supposed to just call it in.
Officer Potemkin: If we find him then no harm, no foul.
Jamie: Oh, I get it. We don't have to go by the book when it's your skin on the line, huh?

Erin: Not the most professional move bringing your underage girlfriend to court.
Jack: She is a lawyer and, in fact, she graduated Fordham, just like you and I.
Erin: Good for her.
Jack: And she's not underage. She's 25.
Erin: Oh great, thank you for clarifying that. She's five years older than your daughter.