Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 20 Review: Gasping for Salvation

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Threatening Hank Voight is never a good idea. 

Woods learned that the hard way on Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 20

When Voight sees a thread unraveling, well, he'll never be afraid to pull it. 

There's Been a Murder - Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 20

Hank, you go pulling a thread, there's no telling what all unravels. Quit digging into this, or, what was the line you used to say all the time? Oh yeah, "we're going for a ride."


Voight went for a ride, but it didn't take long for Lindsay and the rest of his team to show up and rescue him. You can threaten Intelligence, you can pull them off a case, but pretty much nothing is going to stop them from seeking justice. 

Especially if that means getting an innocent man out of prison and reuniting him with his daughter. 

It was hard to watch Valentine slam that door in Voight's face, but at the same time, it's hard to blame him. 

Yeah, Voight got him released, but he was stuck in there for 17 years because no one looked closer back then. Granted, there wasn't a reason for Voight to doubt Woods back then. 

This new case gave him a reason, and from the moment Voight met him to discuss the old case, it was obvious Woods was hiding something. The guy seemed shady from the get-go. 

Voight is not the type to give up when he has a hunch, and tossing words like "insubordination" around have no effect on him whatsoever. 

This guy has been bending the rules his entire career. He's not going to stop now. It may not always be the most lawful methods, but they sure do get the job done. 

Working the Case - Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 20

So, like father like son? 

It's a little crazy to think about all that had to go down in order for that previous case to be re-opened. 

Eric's father, a drug addict, kept the gun. Bad move. 

Eric's friend is nearly driven to suicide over photos Richie posted. He only intends to threaten the guy, but of course the trigger gets pulled, Richie is dead, and Eric drops the gun at the crime scene.

They did a great job of explaining it all in a way that is believable, but man, it was still a stretch, right? 

If anything had happened differently, even a small detail like Eric taking the gun with him, Valentine would still be in jail. 

Even if they caught Eric some other way, they may never have made the connection between the two cases. 

We have to give the writers some credit for this one. It was a very well thought out story. 

Atwater - Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 20

I'm a little amazed that the fact that the first victim's mother saw a white man and not a black man in the store was never investigated further, but I guess Woods did a bang up job of convincing her she was seeing things. 

Did the store not have surveillance cameras? Was that woman put on the witness stand to testify about what she saw?

Also, how did that shopping receipt not come up in trial? I know Valentine's daughter said she gave the original to the other cop (assuming Woods), but I would have made sure my father's lawyer had a copy of it. 

As Voight said, it might not have proved anything, but that along with the mother's testimony certainly would have planted some reasonable doubt in the minds of the jury. 

Sounds to me like Valentine should be mad at his crappy lawyer for his predicament, not Voight. 

Voight: My friend took a bullet to the forehead over $122. You're lucky they didn't pull you out of the-
Valentine: Lucky? I've been rotting in here like meat for 17 years!

It was fun getting to see Lindsay in charge. It was a nice a change of pace from Voight. 

When they found that lead on Eric after they had officially been taken off the case, they all looked to Lindsay to make the call. She looked like she was seriously considering the ramifications for all of about two seconds before of course sending the team after him. 

They weren't ready to turn the case over, not when they were so close to solving it and getting Voight out of trouble. 

Murder Investigation - Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 20

Lindsay and Halstead are working well together and keeping it professional, despite no progress being made on what is going on with their relationship. 

I know we're all still waiting for Jay to get this all figured out, not to mention officially get divorced (or perhaps all he needs is an annulment?). 

Chances are they'll drag it out until the finale, and then leave us hanging all summer with their relationship troubles still unresolved. Sigh.

So, what did you guys think of the case? Did you miss Burgess?

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Gasping for Salvation Review

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We gotta figure out who killed Richie Dowd so that Voight can figure out how that gun was used in the Ruffalo murder, which is starting to look like a real wobbly conviction right now.