Days of Our Lives Round Table: Abigail Dumps Chad!

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Nicole decides to give in to Scooter’s sleazy demands, Rafe arrests his father, and Abigail dumps Chad at the altar during their vow renewal ceremony on Days of Our Lives.

TV Fanatic Christine Orlando is joined by Trey and Sportsgirl from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Abby’s decision to set Chad free, Nicole’s real plan for Scooter, and Julie and Kate’s interference in other people’s lives in Salem. 

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Julie thinks Eli should ditch Gabi. Kate thinks Chad should dump Abby. Do either of them have a point or should they learn to mind their own business?

Jack: I don't like Gabi, so I'm inclined to agree with Julie, but really she should know better. Harping about it didn't get her anywhere when JJ was dating Gabi and she shouldn't expect it to work better now.

And Kate is totally ridiculous. She's acting obsessed with Chad/Gabi and not listening to what Gabi or Chad actually have to say about it.

Trey: Julie has no business telling Eli or Gabi what to do. She was wrong with the whole Nick/Gabi fiasco, and she's definitely wrong here. I side with Eli on this one. 

Kate is always a busybody. She needs to get a life of her own. I do like Chad and Kate's relationship, but Chad is a married man and wanted to do right by his marriage. Kate should butt out but she never will. She doesn't learn her lessons.

Gabi and Eli - Days of Our Lives

Sportsgirl: They should learn to mind their own business. Julie seems to forget all the stuff Nick did, he was no saint, and Gabi is an adult. Taking advice from Kate, I believe a four time divorcee, is a joke.

Christine: Oye. Julie will never see Nick for the monster he was and I was proud of Eli for standing up to her. Julie trying to insert herself in Eli’s love life might just push Eli towards Gabi and not away.

Kate can’t help herself. She has a long history of interfering in her children’s love lives and she views Chad as one of her kids. I don’t know that it will ever change, but both she and Julie could use a lesson in minding their own business. 

Ciara and Wyatt - Days of Our Lives

What do you think is really going on with Ciara’s date, Wyatt?

Jack: I have no idea. I'd like to see something positive come out of this but it doesn't look good. At best, he's some dude who can't hold his own on a date and needs someone to help him, but he's likely another nefarious outsider.

Trey: I suspect that Claire probably paid him or tipped him off so that she can get Ciara off Theo's radar.

Sportsgirl: I believe Wyatt has been hired by Claire to have Ciara forget about Theo. I do not know what the end game will be, but it sure will not be pretty. Personally I really do not care. This story line is laughable.

Christine: If Claire’s not behind it, I have no idea who else would be! It’s a shame because I kind of liked Wyatt and Ciara, and I normally think Ciara is a waste of air time. 

Scooter Blackmails Nicole - Days of Our Lives

Do you have any idea what Nicole’s real plan is for Scooter?

Jack:  I've heard a theory that she's going to trick him and Hillary into meeting together at the hotel. That's as good as anything else.

Trey: I’m disappointed that Nicole hasn't already put Scooter in his place. Where is our strong Nicole? She should know to trust her relationship and instincts with Brady.

I hope that Chloe comes around so that Nicole doesn't have to be on the run anymore and she can tell Scooter and his wife off. The guy is a total perv.

Sportsgirl: I refuse to believe Nicole will actually have sex with Scooter. Maybe she will tape their meeting at the hotel and use it to blackmail him and ruin his life?? 

Christine: I already want to change the channel whenever this storyline comes on. I think I’ll be ill if they have Nicole choose to have sex with this sleaze ball in the hopes that it will shut him up. Worst of all it’s clear that it won’t work. He’ll just want more!

Rafe Arrests Eduardo - Days of Our Lives

Did Rafe do the right thing when he arrested Eduardo?

Jack: Yes and no. If I actually believed Rafe was turning over a new leaf and becoming a by-the-book cop I might feel better about it, but he's coming off as a hypocrite since he's still covering for Hope.

Trey: Yes, he is a police officer first and should put his work ahead of his personal life. It's what he has sworn to do. After the Hope thing, I don't believe either Rafe or Hope should be on the police force.

Sportsgirl: In reality, yes. What Eduardo did is illegal, but Rafe seems to pick and choose what he allows and doesn't. 

He helped Hope hide a murder, and helped frame Andre for that murder, helped keep the truth about Gabi and even little stuff like lying to Raines that Hope just happened to pass by during the arrest.

What Eduardo did was illegal, but it wasn't even close to being murder.

Christine: The problem is that Rafe’s character is completely inconsistent. Like Sportsgirl said, he’s covered up a murder and framed someone else for it.

Yes, turning his back to let his own father walk away would have been wrong, but given Rafe’s history, it really wouldn’t have seemed like that big of a deal. 

Abigail and Chad's Vow Renewal Ceremony - Days of Our Lives

Abby decided she can’t be Chad’s wife. Discuss…

Jack: This was so contrived and ridiculous that I could go on all day about it. I think Abby needs to go back into mental health treatment.

Chad gives her this romantic speech about being lost without her and her being the light in his life and she still thinks she's second fiddle to Gabi in his mind.

Trey: Abby and Chad should seek counseling. Chad has been honest with Abigail, but they have major issues that they need to work out. I think the bad advice that they listen to from everyone else has interfered with them trying to reconnect. 

Chad never should have confessed that he still has feelings for Gabi, and Abigail should trust Chad enough to tell him that she's insecure.

Sportsgirl: Ok, this is a joke to me. Chad is renewing his vows because he loves her dearly. Chad did not have this great love with Gabi. Maybe they did play ball together in high school, but it was a friendship, not boyfriend & girlfriend.

Abby has been the love of his life and they share a child. Abigail needs to stop being a martyr and renew her vows.

Christine: Chad and Gabi did previously date for a while, didn’t they? But Abigail is being ridiculous. I felt sorry for Chad. He kept begging her to let him fix this, when he hasn’t done anything wrong. 

He wouldn’t have allowed himself to have feelings for Gabi if Abigail hadn’t pretended to be dead, and then when she came back, he chose his wife and child. Abigail seems determined to torture Chad no matter what happens. 

Abigail Reads About Chad and Gabi - Days of Our Lives

What disappointed you the most in Salem this week?

Jack: The whole stupid Chad/Abby/Gabi mess. Also that JJ was at the renewal ceremony to be furniture and not an actual part of the story.

Trey: Abigail stopping her wedding plans with Chad disappointed me, but not as much as Nicole absolutely caving to Scooter. I don't know why Nicole just doesn't tell Scooter and his wife to just go away.

Finally, Theo suddenly being ready for sex when last week he said he wasn't ready. I wish they didn't rush that.

Sportsgirl: So many really bad story lines seem to be dragging on. But the whole Rafe, Hope and Eduardo's arrest was beyond bad. It even made Eduardo look like an amateur crook and he is way beyond being an amateur. Now poor little Arianna will miss her Grandpa.

Christine: Ugh! Nicole not standing up to Scooter was the absolute worst, but Theo jumping into bed with Claire was a close second. That storyline deserved a lot more time to play out. 

I’m also really going to miss Eduardo. A Martinez is a great actor who was underused. If he’s truly gone for good then I’m very disappointed. 

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline?

Jack: I loved Andre putting Kate in her place, and I have to admit, Julie and Eli's conversation was among the better stuff this week.

Trey: There were small moments but nothing really stood out.

Sportsgirl: Not too much to work with but I enjoyed the Eric scenes. They seem to be making him less cranky and you keep wondering about those letters he keeps writing to Nicole. Something tells me he will wind up saving her and she will finally forgive him.

Christine: I have to say that there were some funny lines this week. I laughed out loud when Abigail repeated herself during the vow ceremony and Kate blurted out, “You already said that.”

Then Gabi asked Eli if Julie told him if she were “the original Salem witch, evil to the core.” I liked that she was able to joke about it. 

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