Days of Our Lives Round Table: How Should Nicole Get Rid of Skeavy Scooter?

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Scooter got skeavey with Nicole, Deimos decided to take out the competition in a while new way, both Gabi and Ciara hit the dating scene in Salem.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by WendyLou from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate whether Gabi should date Eli, who needs to take out Deimos, and how Nicole should get rid of Scooter on Days of Our Lives.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Should Gabi date Eli, even though he’s an FBI agent?

WendyLou: Yes. They are cute together and she needs to move on from Chad. She should at least give him a chance.

Also, if she dates him it might help keep him out of Lani's orbit. The writing's on the wall and their insta-hate is a clear prelude to either sex or love. He's one of the few newcomers I like and I'd hate to see him saddled with the Queen of the dramatic pause.

Jack: Eli being an FBI agent has nothing to do with it. Gabi shouldn't date Eli because she doesn't deserve to be with anyone decent.

She threw away JJ in an effort to lure Chad away from Abby and now probably wants Eli either as a rebound or to try to make Chad jealous. Eli does not need to be the latest victim of her selfishness.

Christine: I like Gabi and Eli together and I thought their date was really cute, but I worry about Gabi getting involved with an FBI agent given her father and brother’s business dealings.

I generally like Gabi and would hate to see her end up caught in the middle. Like WendyLou, I hate the idea of Eli getting sucked into Lani’s orbit, but there are tell-tale signs that the show might be headed that way. 

Gabi and Eli On a Date - Days of Our Lives

How should Nicole handle Scooter?

WendyLou: Neuter him with a dull butter knife. Okay, that's probably illegal. I think in her situation she's at a disadvantage.

Nicole needs to tell Brady everything and they should leave immediately. They can hide out in a hotel in town while they wait the two weeks for their papers. Scooter's not going to leave her alone and since she's a fugitive there aren't many other options.

Jack: Nicole should pretend she's giving in to his demands, lure him into some sort of trap, get proof that he's trying to blackmail her into sex, and "accidentally" post it on the Internet while trying to send it just to Hillary so that he loses his job and his wife and is investigated for attempted rape.

Nicole should then cut a deal with the authorities where she gets a lighter sentence for the Holly-napping in exchange for testifying against him.

In other words, she should act like Nicole and not like this idiot doppleganger that has been on our screens recently.

Christine: Oh, I like WendyLou’s idea about the butter knife!

Nicole needs to be honest with Brady so they can handle this together, but that’s with the hope that Brady will not lose his temper.

I doubt Nicole (and now Brady) could get a lighter sentence for kidnapping, unless Chloe drops the charges. They need to get out of town, and maybe let Hillary know what a sleaze ball her husband is before they bolt. 

Scooter and Nicole - Days of Our Lives

Who do you think will finally take Deimos down?

WendyLou: There's a long list of people who seem to want to try, Sonny being the most eager. I'd love for it to end up being someone like Maggie or even Victor.

I feel like Victor is largely responsible for Deimos being around so he should be the one to fix it.

Jack:  I would love for JJ and Raines to find a legal method to get rid of him, but since the current writers think morality is for idiots I'm sure Sonny and Chad are going to find a way to kill him.

Christine: I really don’t care who takes him down as long as he’s gone, but I’d love for it to be Maggie. Unfortunately I don’t think anyone is going to get the job done soon enough to satisfy me. 

Sonny Wants Deimos Gone - Days of Our Lives

What was the most disappointing moment from this week in Salem?

WendyLou: This whole week was a disappointment to me. I have to force myself to watch lately. 

Seeing Nicole handle Scooter so poorly was pretty much of a low point in a week of low points. She is a shadow of a woman with almost no strength of her own and she's making horrible decisions.

This is a situation where she really could use the help of someone like Brady and instead it seems she's going to play the martyr. Pathetic and not at all a good decision for her child.

The absence of Jennifer and Eric were a low point for me since they are pretty much the only thing I'm interested in on the show right now.

Jack: Yet more sexual assault and victim shaming with this whole Nicole/Scooter nonsense.

Also, Abby only stayed strong for 5 seconds.

And Raines is depicted as the villain for expecting Hope to do what she's supposed to and getting in the way of her secret mission to get Deimos.

Christine: Yeah, it was a pretty lousy week. The Nicole/Scooter debacle tops my list of disappointments.

I also don’t like where the Tripp storyline seems to be going. 

And I hate that it looks like Kate and Eduardo are on the brink of getting back together, just to have them torn apart again.

Eduardo and Kate - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from this week on Days of Our Lives?

WendyLou: I liked seeing Eduardo with Ari. I also liked Gabi pointing out to Kate that she was meddling in everyone else's love lives to avoid facing her own relationship problems.

Jack: I loved Abby putting Kate in her place!

Christine: All of the above, plus I enjoyed Maggie standing up to Deimos. JJ and Abby talking about Jack was a highlight.

And I even liked Roman acting like the protective uncle with Ciara’s blind date. The problem there is that I like Wyatt far more than I do Ciara!

Abigail Tells Off Kate - Days of Our Lives

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