iZombie Season 3 Episode 2 Review: Zombie Knows Best

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Major Nathaniel Lillywhite is the ultimate scene-stealer.

Robert Buckley has had his fair share of funny moments but on iZombie Season 3 Episode 2 he really got to show off just how positively hilarious he can be. 

If you weren't in stitches watching Major on teenage brain then, like, you're, like, totally lying. Don't argue with me on this. Don't even. 

Major and Liv Are Starving - iZombie

The second installment was back to business as usual with the case of the week and loads of humor. Fortunately, we got a look into Clive's connection with Wally as well.

What surprised me was that it had been nearly two years since Clive last saw Wally. They sort of threw this new character at us, then killed him off, and we were supposed to go along with Clive being devastated, despite not being privy to this character before. 

It turns out his relationship with Wally (and Wally's mother) begin pre-series. That makes sense. Just like it makes sense that they fell off the face of the earth 22 months ago, which is when the zombie outbreak happened. 

Wally: Is that mustache real?
Clive: No, I glued it to give myself more authority in situations like this.
Wally: Well, you look like black Tony Stark.

I appreciated the flashbacks building up the relationship between Clive and his former neighbors through the course of the hour. It was through those that we were able to see why their deaths impacted Clive so much. 

 He was invested in them after getting Anna's abusive husband out of the house, and he grew close to Wally and even came close to forming a romantic relationship with Anna. Unfortunately, they were gone when he returned from an undercover job. 

So, do many of you still think Vivian is behind Wally's death? 

They want to know when the humans are coming to get them.

Zombie Teacher

I know that was a common theory and it's a pretty solid one. Vivian does not come across as trustworthy, but it's hard to determine if she's really untrustworthy or we're supposed to think she is when she's really on our side? 

If she is behind the deaths, and she does have reason to be, then she is using a zombie (non) conspiracy theorist   as a patsy. It turns out that guy on the radio talking about his zombie neighbors was legit. 

He really does believe that zombies are among them. The worst part, however, is that he isn't the only one. There is a whole message board of individuals not only talking about having zombie neighbors, but people are actually posting the locations of people's houses. 

Concerned  Liv

They had Wally's home listed, which means, for now, there are hundreds of potential suspects. There is no doubt that this case will continue on for the rest of the season. 

Finding that out was enough to spook Liv, and Liv and Clive relayed the news to Vivian. Now, Vivian is up in arms and it only fuels her "Zombie Lives Matter" fire. She's not wrong.  But did she kick start it?

I love the fact that Vivian can dance on the line of being friend or foe because as shady as she comes across, she has valid points. Humans are not ready to accept zombies. Humans can't even handle other humans. 

Izombie 1

This plot is already so interesting because the possibilities are endless. It also spreads far and wide affecting every single one of the characters. 

Liv was reluctant about Vivian and her zombie island. Vivian had to correct Liv, because eating brains to solve cases aside, for the most part, Liv doesn't think of herself as a zombie. She's so immersed in the human world. She has a hookup with brains. She has a job and friends. She lost her family, but she still can be pretty normal compared to most. 

Now, Liv is more aware of what's at stake and how dangerous things can be now that there are humans out there in the know. Not just her friends, either. It's enough to have her looking at everything differently. She was genuinely offended when Clive made that comment about a potential zombie mayor. 

Clive: I hope he doesn't scratch any babies while he's out working the trail.
Liv: I gotta say, buddy, that's more than a little offensive.
Clive: It seems like a reasonable concern.
Vivian: Sensitivity to our kind will come in time.

I can't blame Clive. Can you imagine a zombie mayor? You don't want to think of yourself as discriminatory, but a zombie mayor would mean zombie interests, and zombie interests may not always align with human interests. 

Clive just lost Wally and saw an entire school of zombie kids. The thought of a mayor accidentally scratching babies instead of kissing them is enough to make anyone reluctant to embrace the zombie cause. 

Liv is more aware of just how different she is from her human friends. She also mistakes her friends accepting her (and Major) with them being okay with zombies in general. 

This could potentially put Liv against her friends down the road. Clive is just getting used to zombies, but reasonably threatened. Ravi is okay with zombies, but his work on a cure could make him a threat to someone like Vivian. 

They're hunting us.


Can you imagine what she would do if she found out what Ravi was doing in his free time? She would lump him in with the other problematic humans and consider him a threat for trying to "fix" them. 

Major has already jumped in with both feet. Now that he's shunned from the human world for being the Chaos Killer, he has found comfort in the zombie cause. Did you see how excited he was about the brain mush? 

Apparently, mixing up a bunch of different brains to form a go-gurt type of substance keeps zombies from taking on the personalities of the dead. It has its perks, I suppose.

Teen Major

I hope that doesn't mean Major will give up on the real deal. Major on the teen brain was absolutely hilarious. Robert Buckley committed to the "Valley Girl" act and it had me laughing so hard I was in tears. 

Clive, of course, had me in hysterics, too. He has the best reactions to everything. He is taking this whole zombie thing in stride, but it has been the absolute best watching him react to all the nuances of zombie life. 

Ravi and Clive

Clive's horrified expression when he watched Liv whip up chili dog brains was a highlight. He and Ravi both had the best reactions to Teen Major and Dad Liv. 

Liv committed to the dad act, too. When she chastised Major using his full name I was laughing uncontrollably. My favorite moment, however, was when she comforted Ravi. 

She gave the best pep talk. It was much better than whatever it was teen Major was trying to do. 


The case was that of a father and his daughter who were killed in a car crash. It was presumed to be an accident at first, but they quickly determined that they were murdered. 

It turned out that Cindy found out that her friend, Winslow, was sleeping with her own step-father. She showed a picture of the two of them in bed together to her father, Stan. Her father wanted her to report it to the cops, and that's when they got killed.

Did anyone else peg the mother? The stepfather felt too obvious and I knew Winslow didn't kill her best friend. The reveal that it was really Theresa was a bit anti-climactic because it was obvious.


The case itself wasn't all that interesting, but the brains made for some fun times with Team Z.

There was no Peyton or Blaine, although Ravi spent a great deal of time sulking about both. I get that he's hurting. I get that Blaine is a threat. I don't get why the focus is solely on the love triangle and Peyton's mental state after being kidnapped hasn't been addressed.

Ravi and Major also kicked around the idea that Blaine could be faking his amnesia. There is still no definitive answer on that, but I'm loving the ambiguity. 

I'm also dying to know when Katty from CDC is going to pop back up.

What did you think of "Zombie Knows Best?" Do you think someone from the message board was behind Wally's death or is that just a red herring? Hit up the comments below and let us know what you think!

You can, like, totally watch iZombie online right here on TV Fanatic if you want to relive Major on Teen brains or find out the origin of Clive's Game of Thrones obsession, or whatever. 

Zombie Knows Best Review

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iZombie Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Wally's father was a bit of a nightmare.


Wally: Is that mustache real?
Clive: No, I glued it to give myself more authority in situations like this.
Wally: Well, you look like black Tony Stark.