Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 15 Review: A Wondrous Place

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There's no denying Gideon knows how to get what he wants.

After sending Killian to another realm, Rumple and Belle's son once again turned his sights toward Emma on Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 15 "A Wondrous Place."

But this time, it wasn't the savior's murder he was planning. He wants Emma to help him kill the Black Fairy.

Emma the Savior - Once Upon a Time

While that was an intriguing twist, the reactions to Killian's disappearance were difficult to swallow.

I'm willing to give Emma a pass. She's spent her whole life dealing with abandonment issues. Her heart's hurting so she's not thinking clearly. It's normal for her to be sad and feel alone.

But why didn't David, Regina, or Snow ask questions? Did they think Killian Jones, the man who's been by Emma's side more or less since they met, would abandon her without a word?

How did I get here? - Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 15

Plus, what happened to the rule about no one being allowed to leave Storybrooke? Doesn't the spell extend to all the town's borders? 

It's frustrating when Once Upon A Time chooses to manipulate its rules, and character development, in order to fit the current story. David, Snow, and Regina were all thrilled when they learned of the engagement.

Now they're all willing to accept that Killian walked away without fighting for Emma? Because he killed David's father? Killian being a murderer in the past is not brand new information.

And Regina, of all people, should understand why he would fight hard for redemption.

[holds up her drink] I have a toddler and a sleeping curse at home. I need this.


Implausibility aside, I did enjoy Regina being there for Emma. She arranged the girls' night, and did everything in her power to get Emma to share her feelings.

She's come a long way from the Evil Queen who lived for revenge above all else. I'm happy she's found her place in the Charming family. And she meant well, even if trashing Killian was beyond unnecessary.

If nothing else, at least we got to see drunk Snow White challenging Vikings to a game of darts.

What's the plan? - Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 15

As for Killian, he never wavered in his desire to get back to Emma. 

He may have gotten a little brisk with Captain Nemo and his little brother, but it's hard to fault a pirate with a determined look on his face. He would have fought the kraken barehanded if he needed to.

And even though he had his own mission, he still offered help and advice to Jasmine and Aladdin.

Because that's what heroes do.

Red sand? - Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 15

Jasmine more than proved herself when it came to battling Jafar and saving her home.

She's carried around her guilt for a long time. She believed her choices led to Agrabah falling. That's why she was hesitant to get closer to Aladdin.

Despite being the royal one, Jasmine didn't think she was good enough for the man she considered a hero.

Come on, princess. How many times are you almost going to kiss me?


Fairytale aspect aside, I love the parallels between Jasmine and Aladdin. 

She couldn't save her city and it crushed her. He had so little faith in himself that he used the shears to separate himself from his destiny. 

Of course they belong together. Because they're right about each other and far too hard on themselves.

Thankfully, True Love's Kiss saved the day once again.

Will this help? - Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 15

It's always great to see Ariel. Even if a mermaid in the desert didn't make a lot of sense.

But that's okay. Since the beginning, the show's found unique ways to bring characters together. And seeing Ariel and Jasmine sharing a magic carpet ride was cool enough to ignore the terrible special effects.

One confusing thing: where did Ariel's meeting with Jasmine fit into her overall timeline? Was it before Neverland? I assume we're not supposed to think too much about it.

Son of a fish!


Thankfully, in addition to aiding Jasmine, Ariel was able to help Killian communicate with Emma.

Again, it's hard not to be frustrated that everyone believed the worst about him. But at least Emma knows the truth now. I doubt we'll get any scenes of everyone else realizing they were wrong.

But there's still the issue of Killian being trapped in Agrabah. If only Ariel could swim between realms and take him home. 

Or is that something else we're supposed to pretend can't happen even though we've seen it more than once?

Surprise!  - Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 15

Despite my frustrations with plot conveniences, I am enjoying this half of the season. 

There are enough twists to keep the audience guessing, and as always, we want true love to win. Which means I'm going to root harder than ever for Killian to find a way home.

Maybe we'll even get a second proposal out of the deal.

Now, it's your turn to tell us what you thought of "A Wondrous Place." 

Was the plot too contrived? Or was the excitement of Agrabah enough to make you overlook it? Were you surprised by Gideon's request? How will Killian get home?

Remember, you can watch Once Upon a Time online anytime!

A Wondrous Place Review

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Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 15 Quotes

Come on, princess. How many times are you almost going to kiss me?


Killian: Emma's in danger. She thinks that I've abandoned her. I have to get back and tell her the truth.
Liam: Did you not hear the captain? We have no kraken's blood.
Killian: Well you know who does? A kraken [picks up spear]
Captain Nemo: You can't be serious. I've spent a lifetime running away from those beasts.
Killian: Then they won't know to expect us. Gentlemen, let's go hunting.