Powerless: Pulled From the NBC Schedule with Little Fanfare

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The concept behind Powerless is a good one.

With so many superhero shows on the air, and with said superheroes and villains doing so much damage to the cities where they live day in and day out, this fun comedy examines the people who live there in the wake of all that action.

Unfortunately, with episodes pulled at the last minute, new runs replaced with reruns, and an office theme versus a full on life theme, Powerless had a tough time finding its footing.

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Today, Powerless Executive Producer Patrick Schumacker took to Twitter to share some bad news.

With only two episodes left, and a plethora of reruns currently airing, that seems like a raw deal to fans of the show, doesn't it?

Then again, if I'm looking for a bright side, networks could be stacking up anything they have in the event of a writers' strike.

We had Powerless on our most disappointing shows of 2017 list, not exactly because of the content but more for the scheduling and inability to keep up with when it's airing.

The content, too, could have been a little more focused on the subject matter. Using an office setting to show the citizens of a superhero and villain plagued town trying to fight back by creating gizmos to keep their world from falling apart was cute.

Glass that wouldn't smash, umbrellas to keep people safe from falling debris, coffee stands that would withstand the impact of even more falling debris. 

Falling debris is a problem with those jerks blasting into walls all the time.

A little more about life in the city would have been fun, too. 

Of course, the series features a terrific cast.

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Vanessa Hudgens, Danny Pudi, Christina Kirk, Ron Funches and Alan Tudyk star.

When has anyone ever gone wrong with Alan Tudyk? The answer is obviously never. 

Maybe the final two episodes will be released online or saved for a later date.

Until that time, you can always watch Powerless online to relive the earlier episodes.

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Would you want to see a show like this done again, maybe in a longer format and with a slightly different angle?

Or are you perfectly good getting the slice of life we see done on all the power-filled shows?

What's your track record with network comedies? Is it difficult to give them a try or do you fall in love and stick with them throughout their runs?

Hit the comments and share your thoughts on all of this and more.

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