Pretty Little Liars Round Table: Who Is Uber A?!?

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Did Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 11 live up to the tremendous hype?

The episode marked the return for one last batch of scheming for the liars as they prepared to unmask their tormentor. 

Below, TV Fanatics Jay Ruymann and Yana Grebenyuk are joined by TV Fanatic superfan, Meaghan Frey. 

Pretty Little Liars Round Table 1-27-15

Do you like the new game Uber A has for the liars?

Jay: I love it. It's so badass, and I'm ready for the ultimate, high-stakes endgame. I hope it doesn't disappoint.

Yana: I am a big fan of that board game, sign me up for it to make appearances multiple times per episode. It's very Jumanji-like, and I am all over it.

Meaghan: It is genius. Uber A clearly had some time on their hands over the last four years before the girls came back town. I would legit buy this game if they sold it. But I guess it wouldn't include my own personal stalker. Darn. 

React to Spencer learning the truth about her mother.

Jay: Heartbreaking. I really hoped it wasn't true, and now that we know it is, I'm more convinced Spencer has a twin.

Yana: It was a lot for one person to process, I just wish this didn't come so late in the show. 

Meaghan: I'm glad they didn't drag it out over more episodes. I'm actually kind of shocked that Mama Hastings owned up to it so easily. Then again, maybe she should have when Mary waltzed back into town instead of giving Mary the opportunity to be the one to tell her. 

I'm definitely with Jay. I've been a big believer of the Spencer has a twin theory for years, and I'm more convinced than ever now. My guess is that Mary convinced the doctor to let her keep one and not say anything to the Hastings as revenge on them in some way. 

Spencer Is Recovering - Pretty Little Liars

Was Mona trying to double-cross Hanna?

Jay: No, she genuinely was trying to help, but the girls all doubt her so much that if even one thing goes wrong, they immediately question her.

Yana: I don't think this came from a malicious place, but Mona did torture them at one point, so I get maybe not putting 100% of your trust in her hands. But I am hoping Hanna and Mona go back to their friendship this season.

Meaghan: Not at all. Mona wants her friend back. She loves Hanna, and she saw this as an opportunity to help get back in her good graces. Mona was right, the girl probably got confused because Mona does come off as the authoritative figure.

I mean, she made us all think she was running her own game back in the day when clearly she was working for this Uber A all along. 

What?! - Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 11

Do you care about the state of Ezria in the wake of Ezra disappearing to New York?

Jay: Not really. I don't really want those two to end up together. Aria's only stories for the entire series wrap around Ezra in some way, why can't the girl be single?

Yana: Don't care in the slightest. Aria deserves better than a guy who proposes to her, then disappears to help his ex without clueing her in. Like no one is faulting him for reaching out, that makes sense.

But if you plan to marry a person there should be open communication and Aria doesn't even know if she belongs in his place, there is clearly not enough talking going on between those two.

Meaghan: I had finally gotten back on board with Ezria as a couple last summer and Nicole's reappearance and the way Ezra has handled it ruined it again for me. Can we please bring Jason back in to sweep her off her feet? 

Awkward - Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 11

Grade the premiere.

Jay: B. It was one of the best episodes in a long time.

Yana: B +? It wasn't that bad, especially comparing it to the 7A finale that built up to this.

Meaghan: B. It was way better than the show has been lately but still on the boring side. I have hope that this board game is going to majorly spice things up over the last nine episodes though. 

How do you want the series to end?

Jay: I want the girls to be happy, but something bad needs to happen. Whether that's Alison dying, or one of the girls losing their boyfriend/girlfriend, I think that there needs to be lasting consequences of the game, but ultimately the four girls should get their happy ending.

Or, all the girls could be killed and the last moments of the finale could be the camera on them dying on the floor with "Mmm Whatcha Say" playing.

Yana: I have no clue because realistically I can't imagine seeing them happy with no threats in sight. But it would be disappointing for this to go full circle and not have a proper ending. I hope all five girls are happy and still friends after all this, it is probably too much to wish for Ezria not to make it? 

Meaghan: Oh Jay that just hit me in The OC loving feels. Maybe a little "Hallelujah" too?

Is it weird of me to say that I want someone to die? I feel like with the amount that has happened to these girls and the number of people who have wanted them dead, they've basically made it out unscathed. There needs to be some type of consequences.

We need to find out who Uber A is and get answers to most of the shows most important unanswered questions. If we can get that and get a clear ending, then I'll be ok with it. I just really don't want a cliffhanger ending just so they can leave it open for a movie like IMK wants. 

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Over to you, Pretty Little Liars Fanatics. What did you think of the episode? Hit the comments with your take on it. 

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