Quantico Round Table: Taking on the House

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On Quantico Season 2 Episode 17, the task force takes on the House of Representatives while Owen and Alex go after Raina's attackers. Raina tells Alex that she and Leon have been looking into the AIC, and that is why the AIC tried to frame her. They are also the ones responsible for Leon's death.

Yeah, this seems like the perfect thing to keep to yourself, Alex. Don't worry everyone else.

Below, TV Fanatics Jasmine Peterson and Allison Nichols, along with TV Fanatic reader Meaghen Frey, discuss whether or not Alex is qualified to train Owen, the reason for the switch, and more from the episode. Join the discussion by leaving your thoughts in the comments below.

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Did you enjoy watching the task force play politics?

Jasmine: I did! It feels like everything I'm watching these days is getting political. Some shows pull it off and others don't. It worked here. I especially liked seeing Clay in his element. He has grown on me.

Meaghan: I'd be down to watch a show based around Clay playing politics. However, in the world of Quantico, at this point in the season, I wasn't interested in seeing that.

We need to have some movement on the AIC front and although this mission was a noble one, it didn't help the greater mission.

By the way, was I the only person who literally laughed out loud at the security escorting Clay out? He is the president's son. No way he would ever be escorted out of a government building in DC.

Allison: Meaghan, I did not even think of that. Yeah, I can’t imagine the President’s son being escorted out of a building would ever happen.

I enjoyed playing politics. I think it was a nice change, and it worked for one episode. We can’t do this every week though.

Alex decided not to tell the task force about the AIC hunting Raina and killing Leon. Was this the right call?

Jasmine: WTF, Alex! Alex keeping secrets and doing it all herself gets annoying and redundant. It's such an Alex thing to do. She has this stupid hero complex where she wants to be the one to take something on herself...ugh.

With everything they have gone through together and all the people they have lost, it's pretty crappy and potentially more dangerous NOT telling the others what's going on!

They should know that their friend is dead! They should know that people are possibly coming after them. Also, where the hell is Dayanna? She could be dead, too, for all we know.

Meaghan: Alex is absolutely ridiculous. She wants everyone else to trust her and have faith in her but she is constantly keeping secrets and lying to them. It is amazing that she has any friends at this point.

They are all at risk right now of becoming the next AIC target. They deserve the heads up. By not telling them she is putting them in more danger.

Allison: I do not understand the logic of not telling everyone. There’s never a good time to say, “oh, hey the AIC is hunting us. They’ve already killed Leon.”

You don’t keep this to yourself. This is an all hands on deck situation.

A Sister in Need - Quantico Season 2 Episode 17

Is the Nima/Raina switch a brilliant idea or a terrible one?

Jasmine: I love Raina. I was actually bummed when Nimah became the primary Amin twin and Raina was put on the shelf, so to speak. I know it's difficult having to portray two characters, but Raina got shafted.

I don't understand why the switch has to happen. I can't say if it's a good or bad idea because it seems pointless. However, the twins switching was one of my favorite aspects of season one, so I'm willing to see where this goes.

Meaghan: I'm with Jasmine. I have no idea why the switch had to happen, other than so they can have Raina on the show for a while without the actress having to play two roles.

I guess Nimah can at least finally stop feeling guilty about her role in the terrorist attack while she is rotting away in prison.

Allison: I’m excited to spend more time with Raina, and the switch is a fun callback to season one. Aside from Nimah proving just how much she needs her sister, I’m not sure why exactly the switch needs to happen.

Do you think Alex can train Owen to be a better operative?

Jasmine: Alex needs to learn how to be a better operative. What does she look like training someone else? I know it's weird to say, given she's the main character and all, but I'm so over perfect Alex Parrish.

Meaghan: You're not the only one sick of perfect Alex, Jasmine. She has absolutely no business teaching anyone how to be a better operative. Alex has made many mistakes, but luckily she has had others around her who have helped her make up for those mistakes.

I can't tell if the writers are just completely unaware of how unlikable they make Alex. Maybe they're just hoping everyone will get distracted by her perfect hair.

Allison: I could not stand Alex being the perfect operative back in Quantico Season 1. It was like everyone at Quantico sucked except for her, so I’m not excited about that version of Alex coming back into play.

It would be better if Owen tries to learn from everyone, not just Alex. If Owen didn’t want to tell anyone else that he needs help being an operative, and so he picked Alex as his trainer just to keep his weakness a secret from the team, then I would be more okay with the training situation.

Summer Camp - Quantico Season 2 Episode 17

Who was the MVP of the episode?

Jasmine: I'm torn between Clay and Nimah. Clay was in his element, and it showed. I think I'll go with Nimah, though. She was on a roll going off about that Muslim registry. No one was spared. Not even blonde and blonder.

Meaghan: Nimah. She was totally badass. I love how snarky she is.

I'm really glad we got this time to get to know her better without Raina in the picture. I was not a fan of hers at all season 1 and even the first half of season 2, but she has grown on me a lot lately.

Allison: Nimah gets my vote as well. She was speaking her mind and calling out everyone, even Shelby, and Clay. Nimah has become one of my favorite characters.

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