Supernatural Season 12 Episode 18 Review: The Memory Remains

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After the mess that was Supernatural Season 12 Episode 17, my enthusiasm for Supernatural Season 12 Episode 18 wasn't high.

That said, "The Memory Remains" was a pretty cut and dry case of the week with that old school Supernatural feel.

And for the most part it was an engaging one.

What did he just say? - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 18

Unfortunately, it also added to the reasons why the British Men of Letters hasn't been working out.

There's just something so off-putting about the shiny, high-tech, we-have-super-weapons-for-every-occasion style of the British Men of Letters.

I get that they are this organized flip side to the hunters of America, but honestly, I'd rather see the likes of Sam and Dean get down and dirty taking on the supernatural and trying to overcome the odds with their skills, determination and a little luck.

There's something much more engaging about the gritty vibe that most of the hunters have.

Time to go in the basement - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 18

Add that to the fact that, with Mick gone, I don't really care for any of the British Men of Letters characters.

Plus, can someone explain why they needed to raid the bunker to investigate Sam and Dean? I thought they wanted the brothers dead?

Wouldn't it have been just as easy to lie in wait as the brothers left the bunker to try and take them out?

Maybe I'm just missing something, or I just had no interest each cutaway back to Mr. Ketch and his team.

And what was up with that music that accompanied their raid?

Sam and Dean don’t trust him - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 18

Still, the Ketch stuff was only a few moments in an episode that was truly reminiscent of Sam and Dean's early cases.

It was great to see the focus on Sam and Dean, and then taking on some of their classic aspects.

Like Sam working on the lore while Dean works on the ladies.

And what a funny moment with Sam predicting Dean's pick-up line. Even the follow-up day when Dean reunited with Sam and talked about his night being "awesome" was humorous.

Sam and Dean are on the latest case - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 18

The goat creature was creepy, especially the shots of it just staring at the camera.

It was, unfortunately, obvious it was one or the other of the new characters that had speaking lines. And the one brother who started the killing again seemed a little over the top at times.

Still, I liked the backstory and the fact that there was a real monster.

Dean makes his move - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 18

It was also super creepy and effective to never show the god in a full shot. Glimpses of a hand or horns was a great idea, and it added to the mystery of what the thing looked like.

Also, how awesome was that visual shot of Sam shooting the colt and blowing a hole right through the god? It was such a cool moment.

There is something pretty neat visually when Sam and Dean get to use that powerful weapon, especially in the way the shots of them using it are framed.

Head Of a Goat - Supernatural

That "family business" line also stuck out, and it was an interesting take to talk about legacy.

It made for a really good conversation between Sam and Dean at the end.

And I was glad to hear Sam talk about their legacy being the people they saved, not necessarily being these heroes remembered in history books.

They've never been in it for the glory.

Dean’s got the Colt ready - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 18

At the same time, it was such a fantastic call back to them etching their names into the Impala by having them do it again in the bunker.

It was a neat bonding moment for the brothers but so on point with regard to their relationship and their legacy.

What's more, it does bring up an interesting prospect about how things will be when Sam and Dean are gone or even what will happen when the series itself ends.

Sam looks for clues - Supernatural Season 12 Episode 18

I almost wish the hour ended with them putting their names down rather than the British Men of Letters tease.

Clearly, something is going to happen between Mary and Ketch, but at this point, I’m just not that invested in that part of the story.

If anything, I’m just really glad that Sam and Dean have been pretty much on the same page this season, working together, working a case like the old times, and managing to finish the hunt together and on good terms.

And certainly, no matter what goes down by the end, Sam and Dean’s legacy as fantastic characters on a long-running show will always stand.

It makes me wonder if they will both go out in a blaze of glory saving the world one more time by the time the series ends…

What did you think of the case of the week? Do you care about the British Men of Letters? Should Mary be worried about Ketch? What do you think of Sam and Dean’s legacy?

Sound off below, and be sure to watch Supernatural online at TV Fanatic.

The Memory Remains Review

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