TV Ratings Report: Is There Hope for Once Upon a Time?

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Easter Sunday's ratings aren't the most exciting we've ever seen.

Not only are they padded across networks and timelines by repeats (and deservedly so given the holiday), but CBS spent two hours visiting the musical achievements of the Bee Gees. That might have been a winner.

We'll find out!

Travolta Stayed Alive

On ABC at 7, they had an hour for the kids titled Inside Disneynature: Wild. I'm not sure if Disneynature is different than other nature, but it pulled in a 0.6 with the 18-49 crowd and did marginally better with the 25-54 kids.

(Let me warn you right now. There isn't a single case, ratings-wise, in which the 25-54 crowd didn't outperform all others by at least a tenth, and in some instances (I'm looking at you, Stayin' Alive) over an entireĀ ratings point. The young kids aren't watching TV like they used to.)

Still on ABC at 8pm, Once Upon a Time was at a 0.7, no change from the previous week. Match Game came in at a 0.6, down a tenth, and American Crime held steady with a paltry 0.4 rating.

With Once Upon a Time holding steady at 0.7, is a reboot even worth the trouble at this point? Even the overzealous crowd of 25-54 viewers only raised it to 0.9.

Over on CBS, at 6 7, 60 Minutes had a 0.9, and then the miracle happened. CBS easily won the night with the only double-digitĀ program on the air.

Tthe two-hour tribute to Barry Gibb and his lost brothers titled Stayin' Alive: A Grammy Salute to the Music of The Bee Gees fared very well, gathering steam throughout the hours in all demos, 18-49 was 1.0 in the first hour rising to 1.4 and 25-54 was 1.7 rising to a whopping 2.3 before it was over.

Word must have gotten around. The Bee Gees never go out of style.

Elementary managed to hold on to little of that audience, coming in at 0.6 in the 18-49 group, which was actually down a tenth from the previous week.

At NBC there were two hours of repeats for Little Big Shots, which did fairly well as the time went on. In the 7pm hour, the 0.6 rose to a 0.8 for the 8pm airing, the latter of which was down by five tenths.

Chicago Justice built upon that for a 0.9 rating, down a tenth from the previous week and Shades of Blue lost some Justice viewers going into the 10pm hour with a 0.7 rating, holding steady from last week.

Justice is still performing fairly well for a new show on a Sunday night.

Fox was all repeats, and they were blessed with ratings accordingly, but down from last week's schedule of repeats.

At 7:30 Ice Age: The Great Egg was 0.3, followed by Bob's Burgers at 0.3, down two-tenths.

At 8, The Simpsons delivered a 0.6 followed by Making History with a 0.4., both down two-tenths.

At 9, Family Guy mimicked the previous hour with a 0.6, down two-tenths and Last Man on Earth followed up with a 0.4., only down one tenth.

The Bee Gees tribute was the true Easter Miracle on this Easter Sunday. Having seen Mr. Gibb just two years ago, I'd agree, he is nothing short of miraculous.

Happy day to you all!

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