Chicago PD BOMBSHELL: Sophia Bush Departing After Four Seasons!!

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You do not have to wait throughout the summer to find out the ending to that stunning Chicago PD Season 4 cliffhanger.

Fan favorite and lead female Sophia Bush, who has played Detective Erin Lindsay since the premiere and starred in 22 crossover episodes across the Chicago Universe, will not be continuing with the franchise.

This news hurts.

Sophia Shocker

If you've been watching, you know the cliffhanger from Chicago PD Season 4 Episode 23 was nothing new for Lindsay. 

The character has had more trouble committing to the job than any other on the series. Whether it's personal issues such as those with her mother, Bunny, or addiction issues or promotions to other departments that take her away from Intelligence, the will/she won't/she is almost as prevalent as her romantic notions.

This time it's going to stick.

As first reported by Deadline, it appears Bush is leaving the show of her own accord. There are currently no formal plans in place for what will happen in her absence, but there are possibilities.

The Team's Priority - Chicago PD

Among them are Bush returning for an arc during Chicago PD Season 5 to wrap up her storyline, which would certainly be the best option for the long-term viewers. With as close knit as as this bunch has been over the years, for Lindsay to walk off that bridge never to be seen again would be hard to take.

Another possibility is to bring in a different high profile actress to Bush's place to, I guess, lessen the burn felt by her loss. While they're also mulling around merely remaining with the team at hand, I don't see that happening.

There are not enough females on this predominantly male-driven series, and with Antonio Dawson likely to return now that Jon Ceda is free from the cancellation of Chicago Justice, more females will be needed to give the men something to do.

Because let's face it, one of the biggest drivers to Chicago PD has been the romance, especially between Lindsay and Halstead (Jesse Lee Sofer).

Halstead and Lindsay - Chicago PD

The on again off again with Lindsay's job was serious enough. To lose the friction between Bush and Sofer will be a supreme loss. I don't think it's going to far to say viewers will consider abandoning ship (and 'ship) because that angle of the show will not longer be available.

And if that's not bad enough, the relationship between Lindsay and Voight (Jason Beghe) was also paramount to the viewing experience of Chicago PD.

If you're not getting what I'm putting down, Sophia Bush was a driving force behind the viewership of Chicago PD, and her loss will put the series to the test. 

There have been some behind-the-scenes changes, and Rick Eid from Law & Order: SVU is replacing long-time showrunner Matt Olmstead, while Eriq LaSalle is replacing producer/director Matt Tinker. 

Let's just say they have their work cut out for them. 

I have to wonder if NBC brass are rethinking their recent decision to cancel Chicago Justice given the severity of this loss. Giving Justice one more season to grow to see how PD fared without Bush might have made sense, but timing is everything.

We wish all parties all the best in this breakup. It's not going to be an easy one to overcome for everyone.

OK Chicago Fanatics. Tell us what you want to happen now that this bombshell has been unleashed.

What are your hopes for those remaining on the series and for everyone else who might be affected by Lindsay's exist from the OneChicago universe?

Where do you hope Bush goes next? A new TV show or perhaps into the movie industry?

If you are behind on all of this drama, take a moment and watch Chicago PD online to get the scoop!

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