Days of Our Lives Round Table: Should Nicole Have Gone With Eric?

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It seemed like half of Salem flew off to Greece, Kayla cut Jade loose, while Nicole chose to yell at Eric instead of escaping Xander's clutches on Days of Our Lives

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Emmy from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to argue over who was headed on the latest Greek adventure, if Nicole’s anger is justified, and which character they hope never returns to Salem!

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Does Theo have any right to tell Wyatt to break up with Ciara?

Emmy: Maybe on some level, but no. Frankly, I like Wyatt better than any of the core teens, and I think Theo is getting his just deserts. Maybe Wyatt and Ciara can make this thing work. Couples have started out on far worse notes on this show. 

Jack: No. Theo is being ridiculous and obnoxious. He can stop feeding Wyatt info, but other than that, the relationship is now out of his hands.

Christine: Theo needs to let it go. He did the wrong thing, maybe for the right reasons, and now he’s upset it worked too well. If he tells Ciara that he was feeding Wyatt information, it will just make her miserable and she’ll never trust either of them again. 

Nicole Goes Off on Eric - Days of Our Lives

Nicole is still angry with Eric, but should she have rejected his help to get away from Xander?

Emmy: Why are the people more angry with Eric over an accident that he is ripped up over than they were with Ben over Will, Paige, Serena and the nanny? It's bizarre. 

Xander is a real threat, and Nicole knows or should know that Eric is a decent man. This is a woman who has made serious mistakes in her own life, and she should have more of a sense of self-preservation. It's like Daniel took her spirit & her backbone to the afterlife with him. 

Jack: This was one of the stupidest moments of this story yet. All of that dramatic and emotional stuff Nicole had to say should have waited until they were safely back in Salem. Eric isn't a psychopath who's violent towards her! Get away from Xander first, hate Eric later.

Christine: Yes, this was beyond dumb. What ever happened to the smart, savvy woman that Nicole once was? Xander is a threat to both her and her child. Going off on Eric could have waited until they made it to the plane. 

Was Kayla wrong to turn on Jade the way she did?

Emmy: No. It feels a bit like a contrived setup, but Kayla is 100 percent in the right.

Jack: This was long overdue. Jade has been using Joey and his parents forever and they should never have been supporting her financially in the first place. Joey needs to face consequences for his actions at long last, and Jade turning on Kayla is Jade's problem, not Kayla's.

Christine: Jade deserved it, but I think it was shortsighted of Kayla. She’s so desperate to protect Joey, and turning on Jade so harshly is almost guaranteeing that the girl will out him. Personally, I can’t wait to see Joey deal with the consequences of his actions, but for Kayla, as Joey’s mother, this was not a smart move. 

Nicole reminded Eric (and viewers) about Serena. Which character has left Salem and you hope they never, ever return?

Emmy: I'm going with Derrick. I enjoyed the Will/Sonny/Paul triangle but I always thought Derrick was a smarmy, unnecessary addition. Then, during his return, he and Paul had even less chemistry and it just felt so silly and contrived and the whole story felt slapped together and a cheap copy of the first run.

Jack: Serena is one that had better stay off our screens, along with Fynn and Summer. Can someone please send Lani wherever Fynn disappeared to?

Christine: I almost fear saying her name because it might somehow conjure her back to Salem…Jordan Ridgeway.

Hope and Andre in Greece - Days of Our Lives

Half of Salem seems to be heading to Greece. Will this be a classic Days adventure or something else?

Emmy: I know they can't really go to Greece like they did when Justin and Adrienne got married the first time, but they don't even seem to be putting much effort into trying to make it look like they are somewhere else. It's Prague all over again. 

Also, I love silly storylines but it takes a deft hand (RIP James E. Reilly) to make ridiculous stories work, and the magical cursed amulet is just coming off silly. So, no, this is just another story that reminds me of what the show once was and what it doesn't have the budget to be again. 

Jack:  I'm both excited and not about this. I feel like the writers just drew names out of a hat to see who gets to go, and this cursed amulet business is just silly. Plus Gabi and her bad attitude needed to stay home. 

But I'm so excited to see JJ be part of a front burner story at long last and I love when Salemites travel for adventures elsewhere!

Christine: It’s been a long time since Days has pulled off a fun adventure. Will they do it with this “Greece” story? I don’t know, but for now, I’m willing to take the ride. And personally, I don’t mind Gabi going along. I’m actually more irked by Hope showing up as though Chad needs a chaperone! 

Lani Suffers Through Withdrawal Symptoms - Days of Our Lives

What was the most disappointing moment this week in Salem?

Emmy: The fact that Lani, a cop with more experience than JJ, is treated as a damsel in distress and the writing supports that. I'm not a Lani fan at all, but the sexism makes my skin crawl. 

Jack: Nicole being so incredibly rude to Eric after he saved her from what appeared to be yet another attempt to rape her. Don't these writers know anything else but sexual assault? 

Also, Lani pretending not to be sick to the point that she's going to put herself and everyone else in danger on a dangerous mission? Seriously?

Christine: Nicole! Really, she could have kicked Xander where it counts multiple times while Eric was trying to hold him back. She could have left Xander whimpering on the floor. I was so disappointed that it didn’t happen. 

Chad Continues to Love Abigail - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline from this week on Days of Our Lives?

Emmy: Chad's longing for Abigail. Billy Flynn has such expressive eyes, and he sells Chad's love for Abigail even in small moments. 

Jack: I loved Justin's line to Sonny and Paul about what they were going to do when they found Deimos! A close second was this exchange:

Eli: Please tell me Eric didn't decide to be an idiot and go after Xander himself.
JJ: He decided to be an idiot and went after Xander himself.

Christine: I agree with Emmy about Chad. I may not care about Abigail but he continues to convince me that he does. My favorite Days of Our Lives quote was between Justin and Sonny…

Justin: Since when do you walk around Salem locked and loaded?
Sonny: Since Uncle Vic handed Titan over to a homicidal maniac, and I have a permit.

And if I can mention one more, I loved the way Victor handled Claire. He’s honest and doesn’t mix words with her while still somehow being a loving grandfather. I find Claire a lot more watchable when she’s playing off of Victor. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Ciara. Nothing seems to elevate her. 

Victor Is Straight With Claire - Days of Our Lives

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