Days of Our Lives Round Table: The Best & Worst of the Hernandez Clan

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Nicole almost got away from Xander, Abigail got divorced and engaged all in the same week, while most of Salem ended up in Greece with a cursed amulet on Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Kierstin and Bruce from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate who should get custody of Thomas, the best and worst of the Hernandez clan, and their favorite actor on Days of Our Lives. 

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Who is your favorite and least favorite of the Hernandez clan?

Jack: My favorite Hernandez is off-screen. I loved the mother and her no-nonsense, fiery personality.

My least favorite is Gabi. She is selfish, shallow, immature, and unable to ever take any responsibility for her actions, yet for some reason a bunch of guys who are way too good for her are all pining after her.

Kierstin: Gabi is my favorite Hernandez. Dario is my least favorite Hernandez.

Bruce: Rafe has always been my favorite Hernandez, due to his up-holding of the law and always being a rock for the women in his life.

Due to Dario being the complete opposite, he is my least favorite.

Christine: When Gabi first came to Salem I hated her, but since she’s been back I find her fun and feisty. Since Eduardo’s now gone (and I’m a big fan of A Martinez), she has become my favorite. 

Oddly enough, as much as I dislike Dario, Rafe has become my least favorite because he’s simply too boring! 

Dario Lies to Abigail - Days of Our Lives

If Abigail marries Dario, should Chad fight for custody of Thomas?

Jack: Absolutely! Dario has a history of losing his temper and is constantly involved with shady dealings. Just the fact that he's afraid to go to Mexico because of his former involvement with drug cartels could put Thomas in danger.

Plus, Abby is showing extremely poor judgment by moving her child into the home of a man she barely knows.

Kierstin: Yes, because Abigail isn't being responsible. She's complicating her life more.

Bruce: Definitely. This whole situation just shows how mentally unstable Abigail still is. Jumping into another marriage this quick just shows that she is still in need of help.

Christine: Yes! Not only is Abigail jumping into a bogus marriage, she’s doing so with a man whom she believes to be in the crosshairs of a Mexican drug lord, not to mention all of Dario’s other shady dealings. She’s putting her son in both physical and emotional danger with this lunacy. 

Chad Chases the Amulet - Days of Our Lives

Who do you consider to be the best actor or actress on the show?

Jack: It's hard to tell how talented people are with the garbage writing. But Casey Moss continues to be a standout despite the lack of appropriate material and the way his character has totally been rewritten and twisted out of shape. 

Thaao Penghlis is also extremely talented and I enjoy any scene he's in no matter how ridiculous it is.

Kierstin: I consider Meredith Scott Lynn to be the best actress on Days. Anne brings much needed humor!

Bruce: At the moment, I would have to say Billy Flynn. When Flynn took over the role of Chad, it was a B-character with no real importance. He has brought the character to the fore-front and has made he compelling.

Christine: I love John Aniston. He can turn Victor from a villain to a lovable curmudgeon and back again on a dime and make it completely believable. He also delivers a sarcastic remark like nobody's business.

I also agree with Bruce about Billy Flynn; he elevated Chad. When the new Chad returned to Salem, he was immediately able to hold his own with James Scott (E.J.) and Joseph Mascolo (Stefano), both fine actors. 

Eli and JJ - Days of Our Lives

In Greece, did JJ and Sonny have the right to tell Gabi to go home?

Jack: JJ did, because he is part of a police mission. It is actually against the law to defy police orders by refusing to leave an area that you are told to leave by an officer on duty.

Sonny is part of a PI mission so I'm not sure if he had the same authority.

Kierstin: JJ and Sonny didn't have the right to tell Gabi to go home, but they're only telling her because they care about her.

Bruce: Sonny had more of a right to than JJ did. JJ is her ex-boyfriend, whereas Sonny is a parent to Ari in Will's absence.

Christine: JJ has no authority as a police officer outside of Salem, and Sonny has as much right to be in Greece as Gabi. I found their attitude both chauvinistic and condescending. 

What did you think of Joey’s date, before Jade ruined it?

Jack: I liked the girl better than I liked Joey. Their date would have been better had the conversation been less banal, and that banter over who pays the bill was painful to watch.

Kierstin: I thought Joey's date was good. It was nice to see Joey becoming more mature.

Bruce: I thought that it was cute and they were actually getting along. I'm not usually a Joey-fan, but she made the scenes bearable.

Christine: It was actually cuter than I expected. I almost kind of liked Joey in those scenes. Too bad Jade scared his date off. 

Eric and Nicole Are Trapped - Days of Our Lives

Which character disappointed you the most this week on Days of Our Lives?

Jack: Nicole! I can't believe what the writers have done to this once street-smart and savvy character. She fell for a super-obvious trick to get back into Xander's clutches! 

Lani and her pressuring her rape victim turned boyfriend into sex he didn't want to have was gross, but it didn't disappoint me because Lani is always like that.

Kierstin: Dario, because he asked Abigail to marry him.

Bruce: Abigail, hands down. Agreeing to marry Dario when the ink of her divorce papers aren't dry, plain stupid on her part.

Christine: Abigail! So much for being independent and making it on her own. Instead she’s jumping into a sham of a marriage with a guy who  has a shady, criminal history.

To think this won’t affect her toddler son is ridiculous. I hope Jennifer tells exactly what she thinks when she finds out what Abby and Dario are up to. 

The Cursed Amulet - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene or storyline of the week?

Jack: I laughed hysterically at Kate's comment that the jewelers in Salem ran out of cursed amulets. Just like that, she demonstrated everything that is ridiculous about this story. I'm also so glad that Eli finally dumped Gabi!

Kierstin: My favorite storyline of the week was Xander in Greece.

Bruce: The scenes with Tripp and Steve bonding on the stakeout were actually really sweet and playful.

Christine: I didn’t have one favorite this week, but I enjoyed Tripp and Steve together. Tripp is so much more entertaining than Joey!

I also liked Gabi and Chad. I feel like I should be rooting for Chad and Abigail, because I did before the recast, but Chad and Gabi are just a lot more fun to watch. 

Now it's your turn, TV Fanatics...

Who is your favorite member of the Hernandez family?

And who is your least favorite Hernandez?

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