Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 25 Review: Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka Aina I Ka Pono (The Life of the Land is Perpetuated in Righteousness)

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Once again, it was Steve McGarrett, action figure.

Who do you call when you need to rescue girls trapped inside a semi? On Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 25, it was McGarrett, of course.

This season finale was a continuation of the sex-trafficking storyline from Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 19, which is apparently going to become an ongoing storyline on this series.

A Life Altering Decision - Hawaii Five-0

I mistakenly thought that Kono's beat-down of the pimp in the end of that episode was the end of that storyline, but no, it apparently was the start of a topic that is going to carry over to Hawaii Five-0 Season 8.

 Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 25 started off pleasantly enough: Danny and McGarrett arguing (what are the odds of that happening) over Charlie's dining from the vending machine, Abby making an appearance with Chin (now that Julie Benz has been freed from Training Day) and Kono and Sara shopping for Jerry's party.

But the heat got turned up quickly after Kono got a call from Moani, who was still undergoing treatment at Pearl Haven. She was checking on the progress of Five-0's investigation.

You could tell Kono was ashamed having to admit it was going nowhere, then Moani gave her a clue to kick-start it: a drawing of Ring boss Deon's.

Damn near instantly, Kono found Deon in the system, and Five-0 was raiding his empty house, with abandoned beds the only sign of the missing girls. 

Grover had a valid question that was never answered: who tipped off Deon so that he got the girls up in the middle of the night and disappeared? Another thread to follow up on next season.

But once again, very quickly, Jerry found Deon's truck and Five-0 closed in. (It must be nice to have such thorough surveillance.) McGarrett made his tough-guy command to Deon to pull over, and Deon essentially told him that he'd killed the girls before he surrendered, an approach he would come to regret.

All the while, Danny kvetched from the passenger seat about McGarrett's tactics.

Rightful Crusade - Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 25

If it wasn't cartoony enough for you already, McGarrett described his next great plan using Charlie's toys. No wonder his team looked at him sideways.

Not to worry, though. McGarrett jumped from the overpass onto the moving semi, although he failed to stick the landing.

The plan worked flawlessly. That is, if you don't count the guy inside the semi body with a machine gun. Or the cell jammer failing at just the wrong time. Details, details.

Rugged Savior - Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 25

But hey. McGarrett made up another, equally improbable plan on the fly. He only had to climb up through the hole he'd cut earlier and run along the top of the semi, then crawl down to uncouple the body, all without being seen by Deon. Having Deon rampage into his line of fire was just a bonus.

Then, afterward, McGarrett explained to Danny that he's been a bit off his game because of radiation poisoning from the dirty bomb on Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 18. The bonus was that he's now grown a second liver, so he has a spare after his next death-defying stunt.

Now let's get back to the person at the heart of this episode, Kono.

It's evident from her shopping trip with Sara that she's ready for a child.

But after she talked with Grover, it was evident she's ambivalent about bringing a child into a world where such evil things as sex trafficking exist.

Now you would think that rescuing 10 girls from sex traffickers was a win, as McGarrett pointed out. But the map he put up showed how widespread the operation was, and how difficult it would be to coordinate an operation investigating it.

That didn't sit well with Kono, so she followed her heart and hopped a plane to Nevada, where the rescued girls would have been headed, to pick up the traffickers' trail by herself. I mean, she's good with electronics, but that's ambitious. I doubt Adam could leave Hawaii, but at least clue in Chin, so she's not totally out in the cold.

It was a nice little party for Jerry, with cameos from all the secondary characters. Flippa's covers of popular songs are always appreciated.

Back at Work - Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 25

Now that Abby's back, it would have been nice to see more of the two of them. Maybe that will be another of next season's themes. Also, now that Kono's gone rogue, maybe Abby will get promoted back to Five-0.

So, other than McGarrett's superheroics, itr was a well-handled season finale. It set up next season well and didn't leave anyone in deadly peril.

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How did you like the finale? Was McGarrett over the top? What's Kono up to? Comment below.

Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka Aina I Ka Pono (The Life of the Land is Perpetuated in Righteousness) Review

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