iZombie Round Table: Long Live Clive and Liv!

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The cure was still missing and the hunt for the perpetrator was still on during iZombie Season 3 Episode 7

Liv and Clive had to figure out who killed a womanizing schoolteacher, and Liv had to process that she would be stuck as a zombie for the foreseeable future.

Peyton's dominatrix case took a deadly turn when the alleged killer took his own life under someone else's orders. Also, Justin found out the truth about Major's humanity, and after a run-in with Harley Johns, may have exposed zombieism for everyone. 

Izombie Round Table

Join TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Yana Grebenyuk, Allison Nichols, and Amanda Steimetz as they discuss "Dirt Nap Time."

The Z squad may have ruled Blaine and Don E out. Who do you think stole the cure?

Jim: Well, I was pretty sure it was Don E. But, if it's not, then I have to go with Ravi's old boss. I suspect she knows about zombies anyway and having the cure to replicate seems right in her wheelhouse.

Yana: I'm still going with Ravi's old boss.

Allison: Either Ravi's boss or someone over at Fillmore Graves. Justin could have told Fillmore about what he overheard, and they could have broken into the morgue. A zombie cure would be bad for business.

Amanda: Here's an interesting possibility... What if Ravi's old boss has secretly been working for Fillmore Graves and she stole it on their behalf?

Do you trust Justin? What do you think about his interest in Liv?

Jim: We don't know him enough to truly trust him yet, that being said, I think the time montage with him and Liv was very cute. Of course, the note she sent him was even more cute, adding Major's "this is the last note I pass between you two" was the icing on the cake for that scene.

Yana: We did hear about new love interests for both Liv and Major, so when Liv had that dance battle with Justin in iZombie Season 3 Episode 3, I knew this is where it would go.

I like them, especially since Justin seems to be trustworthy with Major's secret, too, so he could fit into that group nicely. But I also don't want to get too attached to Liv's boyfriends because that just never ends well.

Allison: I'm not sure if I trust him. Liv and Justin are pretty cute together though. Like Jim said, the time lapse and the note passing was absolutely adorable. I'd like to be supportive, but I don't want to get attached to another guy and have my heart broken. I'm still not over Lowell.

Amanda: I know, Allison! I'm still not over Lowell's death either. I'm undecided about Justin so far. He could go either way for me. I'd love it if he turned out to genuinely be trustworthy, but he's working for Fillmore Graves, so I'm definitely cautious.

What are your thoughts/theories on Peyton's case and the dominatrix killer committing suicide after meeting with the lawyer?

Jim: I suspect foul play. I'm guessing someone of importance was a client of the dominatrix and this is how they are assuring that the relationship is not revealed.

Yana: It was interesting from the Peyton exploring all this and having a new case to work on. Outside of that, I might have to rewatch the episode to see what clues there might be.

Allison: I'd love to see Peyton uncover something huge that potentially ties into Liv's work, instead of the other way around. Right now, I'm not sure what to make of this development. I'm definitely intrigued though.

Amanda: I have no clue what's happening with the dominatrix case, but it has got to be something big.

On a scale of 1-10, how much are you enjoying Clive and Liv's friendship/partnership since he found out the truth?

Jim: Easily an 11. Clive being able to understand why Liv acts the way she does means that Liv can fully embrace the personality of the brain and it is nothing but comic gold! The sock puppet in the interrogation room to the gold star for visions had me rolling.

Yana: 1000. I always loved their friendship, but seeing Clive genuinely waiting to see how things went for Liv, and then realizing what happened was so great. There is more understanding and even fun because Clive knows what is happening with Liv so it sets up for great humor.

Allison: It's improved the show so much. I love seeing Clive react to finding out what kind of person the vic was and realizing how it will affect Liv. His interactions with Liv on the brain of the week are always great. I love him trying to act like whatever Liv is doing is totally normal.

Amanda: Let's say as high as the scale can go. Clive getting in on the secret was the best move the show has made. Their interactions are hilarious, and I love watching Clive react to Liv's antics.

Clive and Coffee

Harley has video footage of Justin in zombie mode. React.

Jim: Aw crap, this is not going to end well. Either Harley and his buddy are going to be made to disappear, or worse Justin will have to disappear to avoid being outed.

Yana: This won't go well, but Fillmore Graves still has tracking software on Harley so maybe they will hear his plans and could find a way to wipe it all?

Allison: This makes Harley much more of a threat. If he posts this on the anti-zombie board, then all hell is going to break lose. Hopefully, Fillmore Graves is actively monitoring the situation and listening on in all of Harley's conversations.

Amanda: I'd imagine Fillmore Graves will dispose of them. However, even if the tape did get out to the public, wouldn't most people think it was a hoax?

Preschool Teacher Liv

What was your favorite scene and/or quote from the episode?

Jim: Pretty much anytime Liv channeled her inner preschool teacher had me either giggling or out right laughing.

Yana: That interrogation scene with the sock puppet, Clive just wasn't having it.

Allison: The interrogation scenes, definitely. I could not stop laughing.

Amanda: I wasn't really digging this particular brain for Liv, so I'll go with the scene where Ravi made a joke about Liv's not so perfect dating history.

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iZombie Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Liv: Up. Scum!
Ravi: I'm pretty sure that's the anger controlling you.

Major: I gave the cure to Natalie. I am so sorry.
Peyton: Who's Natalie?
Liz: Major's zombie, hooker friend.