iZombie Season 3 Episode 9 Review: Twenty-Sided, Die

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Can we get an entire hour of the gang playing Dungeons and Dragon? That would be amusing to no end. 

There was a lot to like about iZombie Season 3 Episode 9. For starters, not only was Liv on a brain that wasn't obnoxious and reminded us of how she used to be on brain, but she also was self-aware enough to acknowledge that she hasn't felt like herself. 

Peyton and the Wexler case came back up. Dale and Mr. Boss made a surprise return, and Don E got kidnapped by the zombie hunters. 

Team Z D & D

The cases have been the weakest aspect of the season so far. More often than not, they feel like an afterthought tacked on. They're deeply ingratiated into the premise of the show, but it has been clear that the show would rather focus on the other aspects.

This case was no exception. A dungeon master was poisoned and the rest of the players, including good ole Jimmy and Vampire Steve, were suspects. Somehow there was some tension that involved Zoe. 

Can I just say how unfortunate and cliche it is that this tableful of guys all felt that they were in love with the only girl in their group? Why is this always a thing? I hate it so much, in reality, and in fiction. 

Jimmy's obsession

Anyway, other than that throwaway bit, discovering Jimmy sketched Dom Liv, and learning how Vampire Steve became this caricature of a person, the case was poorly put together. At some point, it was never solved because the FBI was called in when it was clear it was a cyber crime. What? 

It doesn't matter, I guess, because it did give us one of the best scenes of the night with the gang playing  D & D, and it meant the return of Dale. Both were very much welcomed. 

I love every single moment they remind us that Clive is straight up geek. It amused me beyond words when we found out he is a comic book geek (The Flash, obviously), and it came as no surprise that the guy who cosplayed a Game of Thrones character, was the first to get into D & D.

Booyah! How do you like old Earl now, you damn, dirty lich?!


I laughed out loud when he suggested Liv keep Dungeon Master brain around just so they can start a weekly game of D & D. Clive continues to be the most delightful character in existence. 

The way he ran out of the building and circled around looking for Dale as if he was in a rom-com was great. They were a solid couple and it was heartbreaking the way things ended between them. He was so happy. 

It was obvious how happy he still is at the mere thought of her because his face lit up when he saw her and he pretty much confessed his undying devotion to her. She's not having it thought. I hope in bringing her back they'll find a way to work things out between the two of them. 

Dale's Back

At least Major may have found himself a new love interest. In all that hate mail he received, and Ravi dutifully tried to hide like the good friend that he is, he found someone who claims she understands what he's going through. 

I'm naturally suspicious and that applies here as well. I get that Major is an attractive guy who wants to get laid, and he's been this weird third wheel with the love of his life and his new BFF, but I feel like his love life as a result of the Chaos Killer stigma is the least of his troubles. 

Major: Hey, you know that stealing mail is a federal offense, right?
Ravi: I was hiding mail. Why are you...
Major: Opening my hate mail? Better question; why are you hiding it?

Ravi may have made a connection of his own with the photographer at the anti-zombie meetings. Harley and the gang continue to pose a serious threat. I think it's foolish to underestimate them. They had the video footage of Justin, the experimented zombies at Max Rager, and Billy the bouncer's testimony. 

I felt for Ravi at that meeting. He stood out like a sore thumb. Then there was the issue of him working for the police. I love how one of the members was put at ease with Ravi after a Google search. 

It's scary to think that all of these people were assigned victims of the Chaos Killer to monitor, and they have kidnapping plans themselves. They already have poor Don E. 

New Squad

I don't know how Ravi can get out of this situation. I don't know how Don E can survive it either. Tripping on that blue brain may have cost him his life. 

It still feels like Ravi is in a hell of a dangerous position here, and it's only gotten more dangerous with time. Now, he has the zombie hunters under the impression he's working on a vaccination even though he isn't, and at some point, Chase Graves will find out that he's working on a zombie cure. 

That's not a good spot for him to be in if either party finds out the truth. 

Clive: So our Harley Jahns followers want to kidnap a zombie?
Ravi: Yeah, but happily not until I finish my utterly fictional anti-zombie vaccine.

Chase continues to be an intimidating individual. He skipped right on past introductions and being cordial and demanded Liv tell him about the zombie killing case. He also doesn't take too kindly to humans at all based on how he responded to Clive being a human in the know. 

He did seem to be pretty handy after that attempt on Baracas' life. Was I the only one who didn't realize that Peyton was unaware that Baracas was one of the dominatrix clients? 

It's great that she has this Wexler case to work on, but it also highlights how out of loop she tends to be with the rest of the things going on in the show. 

Spence: Welcome back to the United States. How long are you going to be in Seattle?
Mr. Boss: Just long enough to get my money and settle some old debts.

Is she a decent ally when she's always on the outskirts? 

Although, with Mr. Boss returning she may come back into the fold.

Additional Notes:

  • Wasn't that woman with Vivian and Fortesan when the helicopter exploded? How is she's alive and with Chase now?
  • So Blaine's only purpose in the episode was to present his overly marinated blue brain to Don E, just so Don E could be easily caught by Harley?
  • Where the hell is Katty?
  • Wexler seeing ghosts sucks, but if it means we'll see Drake again, I can live with that.

What were your thoughts on the episode? Are you happy Dale returned? Have you warmed up to Chase Graves? Did you love D & D brain? Hit up the comments below and let us know.

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Twenty-Sided, Die Review

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iZombie Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Clive: So our Harley Jahns followers want to kidnap a zombie?
Ravi: Yeah, but happily not until I finish my utterly fictional anti-zombie vaccine.

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