Madam Secretary Season 3 Episode 20 Review: Extraordinary Hazard

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Jay's meeting went horribly awry on Madam Secretary Season 3 Episode 20, but since he's a main cast member, he was returned safe and sound and with intel to solve one of the major mysteries of the season.

I guess it was too much for his experience to save his marriage too.

Maybe he should ask Henry and Elizabeth for some advice on that front -- they're certainly doing a good job of helping Jason with his girl problems.

Even if they are slacking on the discipline at the same time. 

Trouble in France - Madam Secretary

If a plot takes several minutes of wrap up exposition by one of your characters to ensure that your audience followed along, it may be a touch too complicated. 

And Jay still didn't explain how Brennan got ahold of the weapons in the first place. Even if he was just buying stolen weapons, WHO WAS HIS CONTACT? There's nothing I hate more than a plot hole, especially one of this size.

It feels like the writers just got as bored with this arc as I was. I mean, what happened to tracking the payments of the greedy mob lawyer? Is Enrico Colantoni not coming back? I find that unacceptable.

Matt: So the whole arms smuggling thing -- was that Vesuvian or just Brennan?
Jay: He was the only one on the take. Apparently he was massively in debt, thanks to our skill in solving conflict with diplomacy instead of shooting wars.
Matt: Go us.

And shouldn't they be pumping Brennan for information about his contacts at the VFF?

Sure, the leadership has fled the country and is somewhere in Syria, but the whole point of interrogations is that you never know what a suspect might reveal that turns out to be relevant. 

I can't even imagine the number of debriefs that would follow Brennan's arrest. I'm talking congressional investigation level of scrutiny. 

Jay: Coming over for the game tonight?
Matt: Dude, no offense, but I can't do another night at your place. I mean...all those metal folding chairs make me feel like I'm at an AA meeting.

Jay probably shouldn't have been making any major decisions about his marriage so soon after his kidnapping. It's not like I'm #teamAbby in this fight, but this maybe this would have been a good time to give counseling another try.

Still, he did need a couch.

He can always sell that thing on craigslist later. Which he should do even if he and Abby don't get back together; it looked miserable, although at least it wasn't Ikea.

This is you post separation man pad, Jay, at least get something comfy to sit on. Treat 'yo self.

What is this? Are you trying to relive your first year after college? Because that is not a year I want to relive. Mark Meese stole my girlfriend. And ate all my cereal.

Matt [to Jay]

So, Jason normally annoys the hell out of me, and his plan was nine kinds of stupid...but taking a date on a hot air balloon ride is pretty adorable. 

I'm still not sure which of the McCords' advice I support in this situation. On the one hand, I'm a woman, and have faced boys (and men) who won't take no for an answer too many times.

Seriously, once after I told a housemate that I didn't think it was a good idea if we dated, his response was simply "Well, I think it is." 

Henry: Okay, I've got to say something. Two things, actually. One, we're never going to be able to compete with Kuwaiti royalty.
Jason: I know.
Henry: And two, which is way more important, Piper's gonna like who she likes, and it may not make sense, and it might seem like she's betraying who she really is, but you're not gonna change her mind by trying to compete.

So teaching kids to respect other peoples boundaries is important. On the other hand, Jason hadn't really gotten past the friend zone and to the point of stating his intentions. How can Piper make an informed decision without all the facts?

In the end, I guess I have to go with Elizabeth, because communication is always the right answer. And Henry hit it out of the park once he took his wife's instructions on what direction to head in.

Believe me, I know how scary it is to take a big risk, but sometimes that's the only way to move things forward. Use the connection you already have.

Henry [to Jason]

One thing: as much as I admire the McCord's and their "solid parenting strategy"...what the hell was that grounding? Jason did not seem to be feeling at all deprived. 

I wish my parents had been that lax with my punishments. 

Elizabeth: So where'd you land? Good cop or bad cop?
Henry: Grounded for lying, pancakes for broken heart.

We'll be getting something a little out of the ordinary from Madam Secretary Season 3 Episode 21 ("The Seventh Floor").

While the promo seemed like it would just be a Matt focused episode, the press release makes me think of Buffy's "The Zeppo."

The premise is that the team is working to have a kidnapped journalist released. Is it me, or have there been an insane number of kidnappings this season? The twist comes in that we'll be following the staff instead of Elizabeth.

I'm excited about the change of pace, but that's not where the fun ends! Mike B is back, and I look forward to his attempts to romance Nadine.

Jay: You're better when you've had caffeine.
Matt: Dammit. I know. [steals Jay's coffee]

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Do Jay and Abby stand a chance, or has that ship sailed once and for all? Matt quitting caffeine: bad idea or terrible idea? What's the worst thing you ever got punished for as a kid?

And what would your advice to Jason have been?

Extraordinary Hazard Review

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Madam Secretary Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

Jay: Coming over for the game tonight?
Matt: Dude, no offense, but I can't do another night at your place. I mean...all those metal folding chairs make me feel like I'm at an AA meeting.

Jason: It's this graphing calculator for Calc. It's $127.
Elizabeth: For a calculator? Can't you just use a pencil and paper?
Jason: I could. I could also just become a blacksmith and use primitive tools for an obsolete job in a world that no longer exists.