Pretty Little Liars Round Table: Does Spencer Have an Identical Twin?!?

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Spencer Hastings is Mary Drake's daughter, and Mary Drake is a twin. Could that mean Spencer has a twin sister?

That theory went into overdrive on Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 15 when Spencer appeared with Wren at the airport.

Below, TV Fanatics Jay Ruymann and Yana Grebenyuk are joined by fan Meaghan Frey to discuss the twin theory, Ezra's loyalty and Lucas' involvement with the villains. 

Pretty Little Liars Round Table 1-27-15

There seems to be a lot of chatter online that the Spencer in the airport was not the real Spencer Hastings. What are your thoughts on that theory?

Jay: I think it was the twin. Spencer didn’t need to offer up an explanation to Ezra about why she was talking so intensely with Wren, and they were at the gate of the airport, so why would Spencer buy a ticket just to sit with Wren during his layover?

This “Spencer” seemed erratic and desperate to make sure Ezra didn’t say anything about her.

Meaghan: You have no idea how happy this scene made me. I clapped, yelled, squealed and pumped my fists. It was quite an embarrassing moment. For over three years I have been saying that Spencer has a twin and that her twin is A, and now it seems more likely than ever. There's just no way that was actually Spencer.

That scene was so out of place considering her scene before that and Spencer's scene after. Not to mention that this version of Spencer was wearing the telltale all black. 

Yana: I didn't know about this theory until I saw everyone else discussing it, but I am all for it. It would make sense, and I would love for this to be something they had planned all along.

Maybe after the reveal, I could even go back and see if they planted other Spencer scenes that were not even her (like that scene where Hanna "imagined" Spencer when she was being tortured). 

What's Going On Here Then? - Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 15

Are you tired of Ezra going on about helping Nicole?

Jay: Definitely. The back-and-forth between Aria and Ezra and Nicole is so unnecessary, especially as the series winds down. This should’ve been a Pretty Little Liars Season 6 story, not within the final ten episodes. Whatever reunion the two get, it’s not going to be earned in the same way.

Meaghan: Yes. He has no consideration for her feelings on the matter. As Aria said, she helped him write the book, his love story to Nicole. He should understand that she is worried that Ezra is going to leave her for Nicole now that she's back. 

Also, Nicole needs to heal, and Ezra doesn't help that. Him being around is just going to give her false hope that he will go back to her. He needs to draw a line 

Did anyone else love that he lied and said his flight wasn't canceled? It seemed pretty obvious from his reaction when he looked at the board it was. Guess he wanted to make himself look like the good fiance that we all wish he could be.

Yana: Can I mention ahead how much I would rather Ezria not happen? If this isn't all leading to a huge twist where he picks Nicole and leaves, I don't get it. It is too late in the series for this unnecessary back and forth, I'm over it. 

Throwback Thursday - Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 11

What did you think of the comic book?

Jay: I think it shows that Lucas was helping Charlotte torture the girls, but I don’t see Lucas being A.D. 

Meaghan: My bet is that Lucas didn't help Charlotte torture the girls but that Charlotte used things from their comic book to do it, and he might be part of the reason that Charlotte did target the girls.

She did it to get revenge for Lucas. Lucas probably realized what was going on after the dollhouse, but it was too late at that point, and he was scared. 

Yana: I love Meaghan's idea, mostly because I adore Lucas and his friendship with Hanna. It would break my heart to know he had any part in torturing them.

It would be nice if it were set up as if he took part in it, only to realize that this was something he wasn't included in but helped create. 

Is Paige gone for good? If so, will Alison and Emily really become a thing?

Jay: Probably. And if they do become a couple, it’s a cheap and gross way to bring the two together. Alison was forcibly impregnated with Emily’s eggs by their tormentor. That’s not the way these two should end up together. They’re basically ending up together by default.

Meaghan: Please, oh, please let her be gone. She is one character on the show I never could stand. 

I think that Emison will get together, but as Jay said, the whole baby storyline cheapens it and makes it seem like it's only because of that. However, after Ali and Paige's conversation, I do believe Ali loves Emily.

Yana: Yep. I did want Emison to be together but don't get me started on how absolutely gross they made it. Putting Emily's eggs into Ali and then just wrapping it in a nice bow because that pushes them to get together? How many consent issues were broken for this to happen?

As someone who liked them, I can't believe this is how they ended up as endgame, and I really don't even know if I can watch their scenes knowing that. 

How long before Furey arrests Spencer?

Jay: The next episode? Her signature on the Rollins' receipt is proof enough that she had some part of his disappearance. Her lies are going to catch up to her, but will she turn on Hanna, who killed Rollins to save herself?

Meaghan: The second he gets those receipts back she's going to be in cuffs, and he is not going to go easy on her at all. At this point, his poor fragile ego is going to be bruised, and he's going to feel like she used him in some way shape or form, so he's going to make sure that they throw the book at her. 

Yana: I agree with the people above me. It doesn't look good for Spencer, and I doubt Furey will want to hear her side of the story now that he thinks she used him and is somehow connected to all this. Which she is, but that is beside the point. 

Over to you, Pretty Little Liars Fanatics. What did you think of all the drama? Hit the comments. 

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