Pretty Little Liars Round Table: Liars Unite

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The liars are ready to take their tormentor down, once and for all. 

They all seemed to be trying to get their own back on the villain on Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 13, but disaster struck, leaving Yvonne dead.

Below, TV Fanatics Jay Ruymann and Yana Grebenyuk are joined by Meaghan Frey to discuss all of the latest drama. 

Pretty Little Liars Round Table 1-27-15

Yvonne died after marrying Toby. Did you expect it to play out that way?

Meaghan: Oh yeah! That was so predictable. I was actually surprised that she didn't die during the ceremony. 

I get she needed to die to make way for a Spoby endgame, but I don't think the writers understand that her dying will always taint their relationship. He chose to marry Yvonne. He chose her over Spencer. Even if Spencer and him get together, the reality will always be that he would have been with Yvonne if she was alive. Unless there is a time jump.

Jay: it was so obvious. My problem is that it's such a cop-out to get Spencer and Toby together. Toby chose Yvonne; again, Spencer wasn't chosen first by someone she loves.

Yana: I actually was shocked because I couldn't believe they would go there. Why not kill her immediately? They actually brought her back, made it seem like everything might be okay and then killed her that night. Plus they mirrored both Toby and Spencer finding other people, so I just didn't get the point of bringing Yvonne back like that. 

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Is Sidney as innocent as she's implying to the liars?

Meaghan: Ha! Not at all. She was Jenna's right-hand lady for how long? I'm sure she hasn't changed her ways very much. Plus she's going around throwing out the A bomb like it's nothing? Yeah, Sidney is definitely up to no good. 

Jay: I mean, maybe. She could be one of A.D.'s pawns, but Sydney is too irrelevant to be such a prominent part of the story. She's been in maybe five episodes; it's Sara Harvey being Red Coat and Black Widow all over again.

Yana: I'm with Jay. I didn't understand why she was there, so I doubt she is actually important to the plot. 

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What the heck was Nicole doing sitting in the dark?

Meaghan: Either Ezra finally told her about Aria and she was there to confront her or she was there looking for Ezra because he hasn't been where he has claimed to be. I know there are a lot of people out there who think he could be A.D. so this could be proof. But, seeing as we still have 7 episodes left I'm betting it's just that she's ready to go crazy ex-girlfriend on Aria. 

Jay: She probably came back to Rosewood with Ezra in order to fight for him back. I'm sure somehow she found out Ezra and Aria are engaged, so she's just not giving up. My question is how far will Nicole go? How warped is her mind now, and what will she try to do to Aria?

Yana: I honestly thought she left that hospital and thought that Ezra would be totally fine with her waiting for him. She was there thinking he would be so happy to see her at his place and now Aria is there, and she finally finds out what happened while she was kidnapped. 

I can see them making Nicole very innocent and sad, at least for the time being if they continue this Ezra is torn dilemma. 

Are you digging Spencer and Detective Fury as a couple?

Meaghan: They are cute, but I just can't get invested in them when I know they aren't gonna last.

Jay: I'd prefer Spencer with him over Toby now that their relationship is tarnished by the memory of Yvonne, but he's probably using her for information. He has to know who Spencer is, and he had to know when they met at the bar.

Yana: I wish, but they will break up, so it is a bit useless. You can see that mess from the very beginning. 

Did you laugh out loud when Hanna and Caleb did not check the appendix on the doll?

Meaghan: My eyes rolled out of my head. They love to make these characters complete idiots. I laughed out loud at Hanna cutting the dummy open like she's a surgeon, sheet over it and all and at the fact that A.D. filled it with blood. A.D. has way too much time on their hands. 

Jay: It just seemed like overkill. They're just wasting time and continuing to not give us answers, and we're running out of time.

Yana: I nervously laughed at them even bringing that crazy dummy into their home. Throw it out or put a sheet over it and have someone else poke around in there. 

Make your final case for who killed Jessica DiLaurentis. 

Meaghan: I would have thought A.D. but since we are finding out next week that's obviously not the case. Seeing as Peter Hastings is back next week my money is on him or Mary Drake. 

Jay: It's probably Peter or Mary, but I hope they go out of left field and make it someone we wouldn't expect. I'd love if Ashley Marin killed Jessica, or hell, even Veronica. Someone that isn't one of the top suspects.

Yana: Me. I'm just kidding ... I'm going to steal the previous answers and say, Mary or Peter. Someone that isn't actually a major player in the game. 

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Over to you, Pretty Little Liars Fanatics. What did you think of the drama? 

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